Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here are seven million reasons why I fell in love with Boston:

Adorable houses.

Beautiful buildings.

Brick sidewalks, ah, dying of the cuteness!

Cannoli - pant breathin' just thinking about these! Another thing I will eternally crave.

Inside the Boston Public Library, Kristin's favorite place in Boston.

Outside the library.

Boston, as seen from the library.

Me, modeling our Boston Cream pie. (Eaten mere hours after cannolis and the richest seafood macaroni and cheese. Needless to say, we felt like we were going to puke, but since I had such a limited amount of time in Boston, we had to get the pie right then and there. Still delish.)

Us in front of a huge picture of Boston cream pie.

Beautiful churches.

Brick buildings covered with moss.

Beautiful parks!

park monument

Seriously, how did it even get so pretty??

Another charming old bookstore.

In love!

RE-ENACTMENTS!! My new favorite thing, although they have the potential to make me as uncomfortable as flash mobs.

Brick roads - even more charming than brick sidewalks!

Inside the Paul Revere church.

Heart her!

Us looking pained, for some reason. I think the people taking our picture were making un-funny jokes.

Other reasons that are not pictured: french fries and mussels at a delicious seafood restaurant, Kristin's charming house in Arlington, H&M, Walden Pond (and swimming in Walden Pond).

Don't you want to go?! I'm already scheming about how I can move there as soon as possible. Which, even though I say that anytime I visit anywhere, I'm for real this time.


  1. Your jacket and lipstick look soooo cute!

  2. Ditto Allison and you are making me so excited to go visit Boston!! I know, you should just come visit me then you can go visit there whenever you want. Also, I am coming to the shower for Kimi, wouldn't miss it!

  3. Gosh you look so cute! You fit right in. And yes I don't want to go to Boston!!