Friday, May 27, 2011

The District


Some of my India friends and I have been wanting to travel together ever since we came home from India, and since they're all doing awesome and adult-ish things on the East Coast, I flew out to hang out with them. My first stop was in D.C., where Courtney and Meghan are living and working/interning. Here are some highlights from DC.


Meghan at Cafe 8 on Capitol Hill, where I tried delicious new food, including muhammara.


Cute restaurants on Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill.

Library of Congress.

Inside of the Library of Congress, where Meghan is interning.

DC has an endless supply of adorable houses, tell you what!

The Cute Baby and I at Abe Lincoln Memorial on a rainy night.

Washington Monument, as seen from the Abe Lincoln Memorial.

Courtney and I walked around Georgetown, and ate divine Ethiopian food from a restaurant called Das. (Gah, eternally craving.)

Part of Georgetown campus.

Cemetery on Georgetown campus.

Georgetown = adorable.



While Courtney and Meghan were at work, I went to TONS of museums, ate tons of food delicious pizza, pretzels off the street, and food from the Native American museum cafeteria.

Attempting to do a self-portrait in front of this Donald Judd piece.

A Smithsonian castle, or something.

Courtney's cute** neighborhood, where precious old men sincerely tell Courtney as she walks to work in the morning, "You are lookin' so nice today - just like a flight attendant!"

** Her neighborhood is not as cute late at night when it's dark and you're walking home, while talking about X-Files.

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  1. Your purple outfit is soooo cute! Also, I can't wait to see your purchases.