Monday, May 9, 2011

MOA fun

Oh, man, can't even describe how much I love working at the MOA.

Allll of us at our last work meeting.

Documenting the last day of Carl Bloch.

And, lastly, I have really mixed feelings about this picture. I mean, I would normally welcome this kind of attention, but next time I won't wear a fuchsia cardigan, with a black shirt, and a tiny bedazzling hair clip. Oh, and I would wash my hair. I do love Chris' tie, though. I also loved when they were photographing us, and Chris said something funny, so I looked up at him and laughed. Then the photographer said, "That was good!" and made me look Chris in the eyes, while smiling up at him. For a long time. Anyway, still wanted to document this to my blog. So, I guess I really am more in love with myself and having attention more than I hate the outfit. I lose.


  1. instead of focusing on the picture with chris, you can just look at the couple kissing behind you. so cute! love you...

  2. haha. I love this. I also love that you and Chris had a photo shoot together. There is just something really funny and maybe awkward about that. Still laughing.

  3. I like that last photo so much. Especially because there's a couple getting it on behind you.


  4. I really love your outfits and I also love that I have a famous friend.