Monday, May 30, 2011

NYC: Day 2

So, the night we spent in New York, Courtney and I shared this little single cot and one blanket. But I slept so great, because I was so exhausted. So great, that apparently in the middle of the night, Courtney tells me I stretched my arms, knocked over a glass, which shattered onto the floor and I didn't stir at all. Guys! I normally wake up at any little sound! All the girls woke up, and Courtney tried to wake me up to tell me what happened, but I was having some deep REM's.

Us in Central Park. (Don't mind my gigantic hair scarf.)

On Sunday, (our day 2 in NY), we walked around the city, and wandered through Central Park, coming upon a Japanese festival and enchanting music street performers. We found a bench in the park and talked forever and ate chocolate that Meghan had brought specially from Chicago.

chocolate bars

We wandered around and saw this gem:

and went into St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Courtney and Meghan's bus back to DC picked up by Times Square and since we couldn't stop thinking about the pizza we ate the night before, we went back to get some. And document the deliciousness.

Me and Kristin.

Kristin, Courtney, and Meghan.

All of us, just loving our pizza.

And then we saw: (!!)

Robin Williams, coming out of a theater, so we had to run over to snap a few, India style.

Then, we said goodbye to each other (sad!) and Kristin and I ran over to Chinertown to catch the Fung Wa bus back to Boston.

View of NY and cemetery from the Fung Wa.


  1. Natalie, your life is just so fun to read about! I'm going to come kidnap you for ice cream this week if you're free

  2. Nat. SO fun! Also your hair scarf. Totally got one at H&M. Totally keep putting it on and keep taking it off because it is just so huge. Let's revolutionize Provo's hair scarf scene.