Sunday, June 26, 2011


You guys. Kimi had her baby early on Friday morning. I finnnally got to see Kimi, Landon, and tiny precious Olivia on Saturday afternoon.

Olivia Rose Jones. She has Kimi's face, Landon's hair color and skin tone (aka super tan).

This photo taken within the first 10 minutes of meeting Olivia.

My new favorite picture. Gah, already love her so much.

I'm dumb and didn't get a picture of Kimi, Landon, and Olivia together. But Kimi was either partially-nakie, eating, or in her hospital clothes.

After hanging out with the Jones', I went to Cherie's wedding. And was so excited because my aunt and uncle and cousins were there - wahoo! And Daniel.

Gah, how much do you love baby Anson stuffing watermelon in his mouth?!

Cousins - Breanna, her ginormous baby Anson (what? eating again?), and Trisha May.

Then I rushed over to Marlee's (MOA bestie) wedding reception so I'd be there at the same time as Matt and Allison because I never pass up an opportunity to hang out with them.

Love Allison. Wish I had worn my hair down and glasses so we would have looked more alike.

Hippest, hottest, best-dressed couple ever.

I kind of love this picture of Marlee and my weird faces.

Marles. Hates when I call her that, but I just can't not.

Then I rushed back to Provo (new goal: don't run late - makes me endlessly flustered and panicky) for Emily Brown's farewell show. No photos, but she's such a rockstar.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today I was at Day's Market and I saw Justin Hackworth. We've maybe sort of met once before, like 2 years ago, but it was at a gallery opening and it didn't really count. Now, I see him all the time, but it's always at big Provo events, so I've never approached him. And Trevor talks about him allll the time. Anyway, so when I saw him in the soda/chip aisle at Day's, I finally went up and introduced myself. It ended up being such a delightful encounter. He liked my glasses and asked if he could try them on. So we walked over to the doughnut mirror, he put my glasses on, and asked me to take a picture.

(This picture, which he emailed to Trevor, and Trevor emailed to me.)

Fun fact: we both got our glasses from zennioptical for like $20 - twinners!

Then we talked about how we were/are both English majors, he asked me who was going to shoot my wedding out of him and Trevor - (Trevor's been winning that one for years, though), told me how great he thinks Trevor is, and he asked me if I knew of any good writers in the area who could potentially read an essay at one of his gallery openings. Aaanyway, now I'm even more of an official fan than I was before.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Currently on my mind:

- Contemplating how I can be more like Courtney. Maybe I'll do the Monster Project? Probably not though. (Also: my favorite DC moment with Courtney - sifting through a huge, dusty basket of ceramic beads, which crouching in the middle of the aisle of a small, kitschy tourist shop in Georgetown.)
- Keep thinking about this article. I love this travel philosophy.
- How much I love working with special needs kids. And even though the pool gets boring after about 30 minutes, I'm so happy to have an outside job in the summer.
- Quilts like this at the MOA.
- How much I love American movies because they always have happy endings. {Also, I need to remember this the next time I watch a movie. Lately the anxiety I experience while watching a movie for the first time is out of control. Sometimes when characters are in a tight spot, I catch myself praying that they won't die, which is seriously way too much stress for a little 2 hour movie at the dollar theater.}
- How much I love Reese Witherspoon's hair in Water For Elephants. (And how many times Niels leaned over during the movie to tell me how sultry she looked.)
- Wedding receptions, bridal showers, and bride's maids - of course. Thank you, June.
- How glad I am I took a trip to see the India besties.

India, 2009.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Shower for Kimi

Allison and I threw a little baby shower for Kimi's cute little baby girl. Well, Allison and her mom basically did all the work. They are so great.

Allison's adorable and delicious food display and Lisa giving me double peace signs in the background. The crookedness of this photo was an accident - I was def NOT trying to get a cool angle.

Cute Ariel (my new favorite friend) and Kimi.

Kimi looking cute and me sporting a butt-crack part. (Thanks, Lisa.)

All of us MOA bffs = the best kind of friends.

Kimi's cute little baby.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Niels, the high school graduate

Niels graduated. The girl speakers talked about being skinny (sort of), the senior class tried to do a flash mob (seriously, nothing makes me more uncomfortable), and the Faj Mahal was ultra chapped as he tried to navigate through hordes of people to find me and the seats I had saved. Finn, the Faj, and I read throughout the whole ceremony, while Lars played an iPod and my mom listened. It was delightful.

(They couldn't take a normal picture.)

(Note the Faj trying to act unamused as Niels grabs him in a too-tight one-armed embrace.)

(We couldn't really take a good picture, either.)

And now Niels is working on a ranch for an undetermined amount of time, and I didn't realize how much I would miss his yelp-singing, side jabs, idiotic puns, and naked jokes.

Final Trip Installment

On Tuesday morning, I left Kristin and Boston, and took the Fung Wa bus back to New York City to hang out with Annie, Yahya, and Baby Khalil. Yah-dog and Baby Khalil picked me up in Chinatown where my bus stopped - so nice of them. Yahya taught me the New York rules of the road as we drove to Queens, where we visited Principal Annie at her school. I got to meet lots of Annie's co-workers, as Annie excitedly introduced me as her little sister's best friend, and then they told us that we looked like sisters. Bonus!

Then we went to a Korean restaurant in Queens and ate really spicy squid and onions, and Khalil sucked on the chair. It was seriously way too cute. And definitely way cuter than it was gross.

Love this cute little baby!

After dinner, we walked around and shopped. I wanted to buy a coat from a thrift store, but I didn't have any cash. So, when I was walking away from the store, the owner said, "It's all right - you can take the coat and mail me the money later!" So sweet! Annie called it my good karma coat.

Annie and Yahya dropped me off at the airport that night, because my flight left suuuper early the next morning. Annie kept telling me how bad she felt about dropping me off at the airport the night before my flight, but it ended up being the best airport experience of my life! A dreamboat from Oregon enlisted me and these two Russian girls to play cards with him all night, and then he played his guitar and sang. Best airport night ever.