Saturday, June 18, 2011

Currently on my mind:

- Contemplating how I can be more like Courtney. Maybe I'll do the Monster Project? Probably not though. (Also: my favorite DC moment with Courtney - sifting through a huge, dusty basket of ceramic beads, which crouching in the middle of the aisle of a small, kitschy tourist shop in Georgetown.)
- Keep thinking about this article. I love this travel philosophy.
- How much I love working with special needs kids. And even though the pool gets boring after about 30 minutes, I'm so happy to have an outside job in the summer.
- Quilts like this at the MOA.
- How much I love American movies because they always have happy endings. {Also, I need to remember this the next time I watch a movie. Lately the anxiety I experience while watching a movie for the first time is out of control. Sometimes when characters are in a tight spot, I catch myself praying that they won't die, which is seriously way too much stress for a little 2 hour movie at the dollar theater.}
- How much I love Reese Witherspoon's hair in Water For Elephants. (And how many times Niels leaned over during the movie to tell me how sultry she looked.)
- Wedding receptions, bridal showers, and bride's maids - of course. Thank you, June.
- How glad I am I took a trip to see the India besties.

India, 2009.


  1. You forgot: "How happy I am that my favourite and most handsome brother Niels is home to visit for the weekend. He provides the entire family with hilarious, nonstop entertainment AND beautiful music. Sometimes he skips priesthood. He should run for president. I love him the most."

  2. oh little little baby naTalie (in an Indian voice) you should do the monster project. it will be liberating. remember that one time you went to Walden pond? um ya you do wild things.