Friday, June 3, 2011

Final Trip Installment

On Tuesday morning, I left Kristin and Boston, and took the Fung Wa bus back to New York City to hang out with Annie, Yahya, and Baby Khalil. Yah-dog and Baby Khalil picked me up in Chinatown where my bus stopped - so nice of them. Yahya taught me the New York rules of the road as we drove to Queens, where we visited Principal Annie at her school. I got to meet lots of Annie's co-workers, as Annie excitedly introduced me as her little sister's best friend, and then they told us that we looked like sisters. Bonus!

Then we went to a Korean restaurant in Queens and ate really spicy squid and onions, and Khalil sucked on the chair. It was seriously way too cute. And definitely way cuter than it was gross.

Love this cute little baby!

After dinner, we walked around and shopped. I wanted to buy a coat from a thrift store, but I didn't have any cash. So, when I was walking away from the store, the owner said, "It's all right - you can take the coat and mail me the money later!" So sweet! Annie called it my good karma coat.

Annie and Yahya dropped me off at the airport that night, because my flight left suuuper early the next morning. Annie kept telling me how bad she felt about dropping me off at the airport the night before my flight, but it ended up being the best airport experience of my life! A dreamboat from Oregon enlisted me and these two Russian girls to play cards with him all night, and then he played his guitar and sang. Best airport night ever.


  1. You did not even tell me about your airport experience with the hot Oregon man. Rude. Yet lucky. And erotic. Heh

  2. Hanging out with hot guys playing cards is definitely the way to spend an evening at the airport :-). Loved catching up on your blog - congrats to Neils - what a kid, Boston and NYC looked awesome - so happy you're doing so many exciting trips!

    Your smile brightens my day - big hugs - and let's get together SOON!!!!