Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Shower for Kimi

Allison and I threw a little baby shower for Kimi's cute little baby girl. Well, Allison and her mom basically did all the work. They are so great.

Allison's adorable and delicious food display and Lisa giving me double peace signs in the background. The crookedness of this photo was an accident - I was def NOT trying to get a cool angle.

Cute Ariel (my new favorite friend) and Kimi.

Kimi looking cute and me sporting a butt-crack part. (Thanks, Lisa.)

All of us MOA bffs = the best kind of friends.

Kimi's cute little baby.


  1. Natalie! Cute photos, you little pro. That shower was so fun. And you're MY new favorite friend.

  2. Your hair is cute. For realz. Loved the shower, loved the friends, loved it all. Thanks a mill.

  3. By the way..why am I sucking in so much in this pic? Is it so my stomach won't touch Lisa?