Sunday, June 26, 2011


You guys. Kimi had her baby early on Friday morning. I finnnally got to see Kimi, Landon, and tiny precious Olivia on Saturday afternoon.

Olivia Rose Jones. She has Kimi's face, Landon's hair color and skin tone (aka super tan).

This photo taken within the first 10 minutes of meeting Olivia.

My new favorite picture. Gah, already love her so much.

I'm dumb and didn't get a picture of Kimi, Landon, and Olivia together. But Kimi was either partially-nakie, eating, or in her hospital clothes.

After hanging out with the Jones', I went to Cherie's wedding. And was so excited because my aunt and uncle and cousins were there - wahoo! And Daniel.

Gah, how much do you love baby Anson stuffing watermelon in his mouth?!

Cousins - Breanna, her ginormous baby Anson (what? eating again?), and Trisha May.

Then I rushed over to Marlee's (MOA bestie) wedding reception so I'd be there at the same time as Matt and Allison because I never pass up an opportunity to hang out with them.

Love Allison. Wish I had worn my hair down and glasses so we would have looked more alike.

Hippest, hottest, best-dressed couple ever.

I kind of love this picture of Marlee and my weird faces.

Marles. Hates when I call her that, but I just can't not.

Then I rushed back to Provo (new goal: don't run late - makes me endlessly flustered and panicky) for Emily Brown's farewell show. No photos, but she's such a rockstar.


  1. Holy hot Allison. I still wish she wasn't married.
    Also, the baby is so adorable. You'd better have told Kimi and Landon how much I love them and how much I miss them/want to see them.

  2. Niels. You really know how to build a girl's self-esteem. Lovin' your comment:) And Natalie, as always, just love getting shout outs in any of your blog posts. And also kind of wishing I had worn my hair up without glasses so we could have looked more alike that night. Next photo opp...

  3. Love that you blogged about the baby and about Marlee's recep. Totally feel in the loop because of you being a better friend to them than me..Dang it.

  4. I saw Allison from a distance at Marlee's reception, but I didn't see you at all!!! I miss you! Can we please do color me mine or something?!

  5. Such a busy and celebratory day for you and your friends - all in very different and exciting moments of life!