Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today I was at Day's Market and I saw Justin Hackworth. We've maybe sort of met once before, like 2 years ago, but it was at a gallery opening and it didn't really count. Now, I see him all the time, but it's always at big Provo events, so I've never approached him. And Trevor talks about him allll the time. Anyway, so when I saw him in the soda/chip aisle at Day's, I finally went up and introduced myself. It ended up being such a delightful encounter. He liked my glasses and asked if he could try them on. So we walked over to the doughnut mirror, he put my glasses on, and asked me to take a picture.

(This picture, which he emailed to Trevor, and Trevor emailed to me.)

Fun fact: we both got our glasses from zennioptical for like $20 - twinners!

Then we talked about how we were/are both English majors, he asked me who was going to shoot my wedding out of him and Trevor - (Trevor's been winning that one for years, though), told me how great he thinks Trevor is, and he asked me if I knew of any good writers in the area who could potentially read an essay at one of his gallery openings. Aaanyway, now I'm even more of an official fan than I was before.


  1. Love. That's how our friendship began. Ran into him everywhere. Never going to say hi. Finally did. Was so glad. Nicest.
    Love that glasses story.

  2. I lol'd when I read this. He seems way too outgoing, in the best way. I mean, I want to meet him.

  3. I saw him at Day's once too. Too much of a little baby to say anything though.