Wednesday, August 31, 2011

mobile uploadz

One time Mark Magleby was making twelve cakes, and Basil (his dog) ate the butter he left out.

Christian, my co-worker, let a frenemy cut his hair. Ha, still dying!

This summer I had a sleepover with Courtney on the front lawn of the hot chocolate house. This is what I woke up to. Still funny!

I ate this cake at a bridal shower this summer. It was so pretty and so delicious.

Courtney texted this photo to me after her graduation. Posed shake-hands photo, always rich. Also, since when does Chuckles wear such cool glasses?

Remember when I saw Robin Williams in NY? I wish I had taken a photo with my head on his shoulder, nestled up against his cheek.

Best Nativity ever. Bean Museum.

Sometimes Trevor texts me photos of Finn.

Remember when I had feathers in my hair? That was a fun phase that lasted about 2 months. It ended around the time of Women's Conference, after seeing multiple mid to upper-aged women with feathers in their hair.

Sooo many deer.

Ew. (via Alicia.)

Window display at some shop on Center Street. Best.

One time they had these live wrestling matches in downtown Provo...

The Faj Mahal's beautiful dinner.

Kimi, Caitlin, and I at a MOA event.

Olivia R. Jones.

And again.

And again, with Allison.

This was taken the day I got home from NY. As soon as my plane landed, I was getting tons of phone calls from the brothers. My parents were also out of town, and my brothers had run out of money, there was no gas left in the car, Kai had to be taken to American Fork and Dawson had run away and was at the pound in Spanish Fork. So, I'm pant-breathin' and trying to get home as quick as possible. As soon as I got home, I gave Finn and Niels money to put gas in the car and go pick up Dawson. They came home, without Dawson, because they were a few dollars short to pick him up. Ugh. Finn and I go to get Dawson. As we are driving there, my awesome red-head lipstick-wearing boss, Lynda, called me and said, "Natalie, I am so sorry, but despite my best efforts, you have been terminated. Gah! (I was re-hired the next day, but stillllll.) Anyway, we picked up Dawson and I put sheets and towels all over the back of my car so Dawson's nast hair wouldn't get all over my car. I told Finn he had to keep Dawson in the back of my car, no matter what. When we were almost home, Dawson started climbing over the seat, towards the front of the car. I was like, "FINN! Keep him back there!" And Finn was all wimped-out and couldn't keep him back. So then I took this picture.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday best.

This year's birthday was probably one of the best yet. Sometimes birthdays are stressful - planning things, meshing friend groups, all the pressure for it to be a super fun day. But this year was just relaxed and I saw tons of people I love and did basically everything I wanted to do. It was just the best.

In the morning, I went to Communal for breakfast with the parents. The food there is seriously so beautiful and way delicious.

Communal has the best biscuits I have ever had in my entire life. I had heard that they are divine and on the menu they are called the best biscuits you'll ever eat, or something like that. Honestly, true. That good.

I ate 2 bites of bacon, for the first time in almost five years. Weirrrd. Just trying to break out of the veg thing slowly for the mission.

I went to work for my work meeting, and my co-workers all brought delicious treats to eat during the meeting. Best.

Then I went to visit my dear friend, Analyn, and baby Eamon. Love hanging out with them.

After that, cousin Kjirsten picked me up. When she saw me/my outfit, she said, "Aren't you looking festive today!" hah. We went to cash in on my free birthday frozen yogurt. (Cashing in on free things - always awkward. Thank you, Kjirst, for the moral support.)

I fed Kjirsten all the gross bites of frozen yogurt (melty, hard frozen gummy bears, weird flavors mixed) while she was driving. She's such a champ on my birthday. We went to her house and she gave me a massage that lasted more than an hour! (Even after she massaged all day for her job.) Then I lounged in her way delicious bed (seriously, Kjirst has the best bed), talked to Kimi & Landon on the phone, and made Kjirsten do my eye make-up.

Then we met besties at India Palace for dinner. I meshed at least 3 different friend groups! I know, so bold! (Photo above and the rest of the photos are courtesy of Trev4, per usual.)

My little cousin, Tessa (Kjirsten's little sister), made this for me for my birthday. It's a chocolate taffy and little kitschy broach attached to a ribbon tied around a glowstick. Best.

Steve's face.

hah, Ariel.

Trevor, Steve, Ariel, Daniel, me, Kjirsten, Niels, Erin, Emily.

That night, we went back to my house and had a fire and s'mores. I made Niels re-tell a hysterical story from his first day of work (more on that, later) for the third time that day. Cousin Addison brought a delicious raspberry-chocolate cake over unexpectedly.

Best birthday ever, tell you what!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewell to the Jones/Olivia picture overload.

Two nights before Kimi and Landon moved to Seattle, Niels, Trevor, Steve, Ariel, Matt, Allison and I bombarded them with pizza, salad, and a chunky homemade cheesecake (jk, Niels, it was the best ever). We promised we would come and help them pack and clean, but we mostly just stayed way too late (past 1? sorry guyz), talking, holding baby O, eating, and watching Kimi go through her old trophies and scrapbooks. It was the best ever. We miss them tons and tons. Emily, you were missed.

Matt, Allison, Landon, Kimi, Baby O, me, Steve, Ariel, Tre4.

Kimi, Allison, me, Ariel.

Gah, crossing her ankles. Too cute to handle!

Ariel and Olivia.

Allison and Liv Biv.

Niels kept saying, "Kimi! She's sooo cute. She's so cute."

Trevor melting over little Liv.

And this is what happens every time we hang out past 10 pm with Kimi:

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I moved back home today. This is what happened within the first five minutes I was here.

Setting: The brothers and I are sitting around the kitchen table, eating nachos.

Me: It's so hot in here.
Niels: Oh, sorry, I'll leave! (He chuckles; no one else laughs.)
Niels: That was a damn good joke!
Lars: Niels!!
Lars: Niels!!

And so on.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

some big news

You guys, I got a mission call. To Taiwan, Taipei mission, speaking Mandarin. The Faj Mahal is very proud.

Don't be offended if you had no idea I was even thinking about going. I kept it a secret because I wanted to make a decision on my own without pressure or influence from anyone else. It was a really hard decision and it took me foreverrr to decide to go. But since I turned my papers in for real, (there was a first attempt that didn't quite go through), I have felt pretty calm and not-stressed about my life (!!!). I freaked out a little right before opening my call, knowing that I could getting called somewhere like Nauvoo where I would potentially have to wear pioneer clothes. And maybe even sing and dance. But I am really happy and excited about my call and it feels really good and right.

After I opened my call, Niels emailed this to me:

Funny quote from Lars and Jonathan (Lars' little friend):

Lars - "Oh! So you know my sister, Natalie?"
Jonathan - "Uh huh.. yeah."
Lars - "Well, do you know where she is on her mission, I mean, she's
going to Taiwan on her mission!"
Jonathan - "Ah! Really?! Taiwan is like the best place."
Lars - "Yeah I know."
Jonathan - "Man, Taiwan is seriously like the best place."

I'm so excited to go to the best place.

Also, my friend Lisa taught English in Taiwan, and she posted this cutie mccuterson on her blog:

Gah! Are you just dying from the cuteness?!

dream trip

Trevor is taking waaay too long to send me trip pictures. He's busy with, you know, editing weddings and blogging conventions. Boring. So, I'll just have to deal with all my lesser-quality photos. And you'll just have to deal with another California post, as soon as Trevor gives me photos.

Trevor and I drove through the night on Friday. We talked a lot, I slept, and Trevor drank Dr. Pepper all night instead of sleeping. We got to Emily's house in THE DESERT in the morning.

Emily and her family fed us crepes and the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my entire life. Don't worry, Emily's posting them to pinterest. They were that good.

After showering, napping, and holding Emily's baby sister, Maren, we drove to Malibu, where Trevor had to rent a lens from a shop that closed at 6. We got there at 5:59. There was some serious pant-breathing going on from Emily and I.

(Maren and Emily. Photo taken by Trevor.)

LA area, via the car.

For dinner that night, we drove along the Pacific Highway Coast to get to Reel Inn because Sunset magazine said they have the best fish tacos. The fish tacos were honestly really good. I love having friends who will take long drives to get delicious food. And I really just love Emily and Trevor a lot.

The next day, Trevor shot a classy pinterest-worthy wedding in Malibu (the main reason for the CA trip), and Emily and I hung out all day. We went to a Hindu temple which made me crave India a lot. And Emily asked me a lot of questions about the temple rituals and significance, and I realized that I have forgotten basically everything. Boo.

Emily and I spent the rest of our day getting re-routed by the GPS to a windy road along cliffs overlooking the valley, sitting on the coast, thrift store shopping, and running back and forth from the wedding. Aka tons of bonding. She even ganged up on Trevor with me. Usually I am the one who gets ganged up on, so it was nice little change.

Trevor loved video taping things on the trip. Here Emily is cracking herself up as she tried to run away from his camera.

After Trevor was done with the wedding, we started driving to Newport Beach. We drove through Santa Monica (Emily sang a little mini rendition of Ocean Avenue and it made Trevor and I think, "hm, maybe we secretly love Yellowcard when Emily Brown sings it") and tried to go to the boardwalk in Venice Beach. We got there kind of late, and there were a lot of sketchy people hanging out and maybe I accidentally drove onto the boardwalk and didn't realize why everyone there was yelling and motioning towards us until someone yelled at us, "You're not supposed to drive on the boardwalk!" Sketchy people + yelling at me = all of us panicking and me feeling like maybe we *could* have died.

So we skipped Venice Beach and drove straight to Newport, where Emily's grandparents have a beach house on a private bay, right next to Nicolas Cage's old house, nbd.

The rest of the trip was a total dream. We swam at night in the bay, laid on the dock listening to Emily play the guitar and sing, went to the beach every day (one day, there were dolphins swimming 30-50 feet away from us - such a dream!), rented bikes and cruised around Newport and Huntington, visited San Clemente, roasted hot dogs, vegetarian corn dogs, and marshmellows on the beach at night, ate tons of good food, died laughing from Trevor's newly invented voices, talked about brobro's, shopped, etc, etc. And without too much persuasion, Trevor and Emily convinced me to stay another day. Duhhh.

Cutie Emily by our cutie bikes.

Newport Beach.