Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday best.

This year's birthday was probably one of the best yet. Sometimes birthdays are stressful - planning things, meshing friend groups, all the pressure for it to be a super fun day. But this year was just relaxed and I saw tons of people I love and did basically everything I wanted to do. It was just the best.

In the morning, I went to Communal for breakfast with the parents. The food there is seriously so beautiful and way delicious.

Communal has the best biscuits I have ever had in my entire life. I had heard that they are divine and on the menu they are called the best biscuits you'll ever eat, or something like that. Honestly, true. That good.

I ate 2 bites of bacon, for the first time in almost five years. Weirrrd. Just trying to break out of the veg thing slowly for the mission.

I went to work for my work meeting, and my co-workers all brought delicious treats to eat during the meeting. Best.

Then I went to visit my dear friend, Analyn, and baby Eamon. Love hanging out with them.

After that, cousin Kjirsten picked me up. When she saw me/my outfit, she said, "Aren't you looking festive today!" hah. We went to cash in on my free birthday frozen yogurt. (Cashing in on free things - always awkward. Thank you, Kjirst, for the moral support.)

I fed Kjirsten all the gross bites of frozen yogurt (melty, hard frozen gummy bears, weird flavors mixed) while she was driving. She's such a champ on my birthday. We went to her house and she gave me a massage that lasted more than an hour! (Even after she massaged all day for her job.) Then I lounged in her way delicious bed (seriously, Kjirst has the best bed), talked to Kimi & Landon on the phone, and made Kjirsten do my eye make-up.

Then we met besties at India Palace for dinner. I meshed at least 3 different friend groups! I know, so bold! (Photo above and the rest of the photos are courtesy of Trev4, per usual.)

My little cousin, Tessa (Kjirsten's little sister), made this for me for my birthday. It's a chocolate taffy and little kitschy broach attached to a ribbon tied around a glowstick. Best.

Steve's face.

hah, Ariel.

Trevor, Steve, Ariel, Daniel, me, Kjirsten, Niels, Erin, Emily.

That night, we went back to my house and had a fire and s'mores. I made Niels re-tell a hysterical story from his first day of work (more on that, later) for the third time that day. Cousin Addison brought a delicious raspberry-chocolate cake over unexpectedly.

Best birthday ever, tell you what!


  1. Seriously really do love your outfit. Totally festive!

  2. Wish Allison and Matt would've been there. And Finn. And Emily. Other than that PERFECT b-day.

  3. best birthday! so glad i was there :)) also i look really miniature in those pictures. i never think i'm that baby small.