Saturday, August 6, 2011

dream trip

Trevor is taking waaay too long to send me trip pictures. He's busy with, you know, editing weddings and blogging conventions. Boring. So, I'll just have to deal with all my lesser-quality photos. And you'll just have to deal with another California post, as soon as Trevor gives me photos.

Trevor and I drove through the night on Friday. We talked a lot, I slept, and Trevor drank Dr. Pepper all night instead of sleeping. We got to Emily's house in THE DESERT in the morning.

Emily and her family fed us crepes and the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my entire life. Don't worry, Emily's posting them to pinterest. They were that good.

After showering, napping, and holding Emily's baby sister, Maren, we drove to Malibu, where Trevor had to rent a lens from a shop that closed at 6. We got there at 5:59. There was some serious pant-breathing going on from Emily and I.

(Maren and Emily. Photo taken by Trevor.)

LA area, via the car.

For dinner that night, we drove along the Pacific Highway Coast to get to Reel Inn because Sunset magazine said they have the best fish tacos. The fish tacos were honestly really good. I love having friends who will take long drives to get delicious food. And I really just love Emily and Trevor a lot.

The next day, Trevor shot a classy pinterest-worthy wedding in Malibu (the main reason for the CA trip), and Emily and I hung out all day. We went to a Hindu temple which made me crave India a lot. And Emily asked me a lot of questions about the temple rituals and significance, and I realized that I have forgotten basically everything. Boo.

Emily and I spent the rest of our day getting re-routed by the GPS to a windy road along cliffs overlooking the valley, sitting on the coast, thrift store shopping, and running back and forth from the wedding. Aka tons of bonding. She even ganged up on Trevor with me. Usually I am the one who gets ganged up on, so it was nice little change.

Trevor loved video taping things on the trip. Here Emily is cracking herself up as she tried to run away from his camera.

After Trevor was done with the wedding, we started driving to Newport Beach. We drove through Santa Monica (Emily sang a little mini rendition of Ocean Avenue and it made Trevor and I think, "hm, maybe we secretly love Yellowcard when Emily Brown sings it") and tried to go to the boardwalk in Venice Beach. We got there kind of late, and there were a lot of sketchy people hanging out and maybe I accidentally drove onto the boardwalk and didn't realize why everyone there was yelling and motioning towards us until someone yelled at us, "You're not supposed to drive on the boardwalk!" Sketchy people + yelling at me = all of us panicking and me feeling like maybe we *could* have died.

So we skipped Venice Beach and drove straight to Newport, where Emily's grandparents have a beach house on a private bay, right next to Nicolas Cage's old house, nbd.

The rest of the trip was a total dream. We swam at night in the bay, laid on the dock listening to Emily play the guitar and sing, went to the beach every day (one day, there were dolphins swimming 30-50 feet away from us - such a dream!), rented bikes and cruised around Newport and Huntington, visited San Clemente, roasted hot dogs, vegetarian corn dogs, and marshmellows on the beach at night, ate tons of good food, died laughing from Trevor's newly invented voices, talked about brobro's, shopped, etc, etc. And without too much persuasion, Trevor and Emily convinced me to stay another day. Duhhh.

Cutie Emily by our cutie bikes.

Newport Beach.



  1. love the yellowcard reference - brings me right back to 8th grade.

  2. best trip i've never been on. so fun! you guys are all so cute. cutesy.