Sunday, August 14, 2011


I moved back home today. This is what happened within the first five minutes I was here.

Setting: The brothers and I are sitting around the kitchen table, eating nachos.

Me: It's so hot in here.
Niels: Oh, sorry, I'll leave! (He chuckles; no one else laughs.)
Niels: That was a damn good joke!
Lars: Niels!!
Lars: Niels!!

And so on.


  1. Totally just read all of your posts from the past week or so and I have a few thoughts for you:
    1. I couldn't adequately tell you over text msg how excited I was about Taiwan. I am seriously stocked for you. Such an awesome place that will get more awesome with you there.
    2. Love the stories of your bro's, of course, you already know this.
    3. Way fun looking trip to CA.
    4. Miss you, glad we bonded before I peaced out. Good luck on the bike ride.
    Wow, longest comment eva.