Wednesday, August 31, 2011

mobile uploadz

One time Mark Magleby was making twelve cakes, and Basil (his dog) ate the butter he left out.

Christian, my co-worker, let a frenemy cut his hair. Ha, still dying!

This summer I had a sleepover with Courtney on the front lawn of the hot chocolate house. This is what I woke up to. Still funny!

I ate this cake at a bridal shower this summer. It was so pretty and so delicious.

Courtney texted this photo to me after her graduation. Posed shake-hands photo, always rich. Also, since when does Chuckles wear such cool glasses?

Remember when I saw Robin Williams in NY? I wish I had taken a photo with my head on his shoulder, nestled up against his cheek.

Best Nativity ever. Bean Museum.

Sometimes Trevor texts me photos of Finn.

Remember when I had feathers in my hair? That was a fun phase that lasted about 2 months. It ended around the time of Women's Conference, after seeing multiple mid to upper-aged women with feathers in their hair.

Sooo many deer.

Ew. (via Alicia.)

Window display at some shop on Center Street. Best.

One time they had these live wrestling matches in downtown Provo...

The Faj Mahal's beautiful dinner.

Kimi, Caitlin, and I at a MOA event.

Olivia R. Jones.

And again.

And again, with Allison.

This was taken the day I got home from NY. As soon as my plane landed, I was getting tons of phone calls from the brothers. My parents were also out of town, and my brothers had run out of money, there was no gas left in the car, Kai had to be taken to American Fork and Dawson had run away and was at the pound in Spanish Fork. So, I'm pant-breathin' and trying to get home as quick as possible. As soon as I got home, I gave Finn and Niels money to put gas in the car and go pick up Dawson. They came home, without Dawson, because they were a few dollars short to pick him up. Ugh. Finn and I go to get Dawson. As we are driving there, my awesome red-head lipstick-wearing boss, Lynda, called me and said, "Natalie, I am so sorry, but despite my best efforts, you have been terminated. Gah! (I was re-hired the next day, but stillllll.) Anyway, we picked up Dawson and I put sheets and towels all over the back of my car so Dawson's nast hair wouldn't get all over my car. I told Finn he had to keep Dawson in the back of my car, no matter what. When we were almost home, Dawson started climbing over the seat, towards the front of the car. I was like, "FINN! Keep him back there!" And Finn was all wimped-out and couldn't keep him back. So then I took this picture.


  1. This post makes me smile! Thanks for having the best blog ever!

  2. I remember dropping you off that day and feeling like I was leaving you in the middle of a storm.

    I also was worried that if we couldn't find anything to talk about for 45 minutes on the way home from the airport that asking you to come to California with me was a bad idea. Turns out you were just super stressed.

  3. oh gnat. these pictures are too good. I am still laughing about the chuckolls one. dont you worry I have two 5x7 copies of that pic in my room right now.

  4. This is SO funny!!! Oh my I just love you!

  5. I am glad you include the pant-breathing to give us a better mental image. . . I can totally hear it in my head. You are so funny!

  6. ha ha...don't even worry there was a woman who was at least 70 years old, in our Sandy ward, with TWO feathers in her hair. It was pretty awesome...but I can see why you took them out. Love you Natalie and really wish I could see those wrestling matches in downtown provo. Epic.

  7. PS whats with that hair cut? How could that even happen?!

  8. They fired you for a day? Super lame.

    Catching up on all your recent blog posts, and loving it.