Saturday, August 6, 2011

some big news

You guys, I got a mission call. To Taiwan, Taipei mission, speaking Mandarin. The Faj Mahal is very proud.

Don't be offended if you had no idea I was even thinking about going. I kept it a secret because I wanted to make a decision on my own without pressure or influence from anyone else. It was a really hard decision and it took me foreverrr to decide to go. But since I turned my papers in for real, (there was a first attempt that didn't quite go through), I have felt pretty calm and not-stressed about my life (!!!). I freaked out a little right before opening my call, knowing that I could getting called somewhere like Nauvoo where I would potentially have to wear pioneer clothes. And maybe even sing and dance. But I am really happy and excited about my call and it feels really good and right.

After I opened my call, Niels emailed this to me:

Funny quote from Lars and Jonathan (Lars' little friend):

Lars - "Oh! So you know my sister, Natalie?"
Jonathan - "Uh huh.. yeah."
Lars - "Well, do you know where she is on her mission, I mean, she's
going to Taiwan on her mission!"
Jonathan - "Ah! Really?! Taiwan is like the best place."
Lars - "Yeah I know."
Jonathan - "Man, Taiwan is seriously like the best place."

I'm so excited to go to the best place.

Also, my friend Lisa taught English in Taiwan, and she posted this cutie mccuterson on her blog:

Gah! Are you just dying from the cuteness?!


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm never going to not be excited about this.

  2. So Natalie, I was thinking about you, decided to track down your blog again (now have it listed on my blog list), and am so glad that I did! Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited for your mission call. Boy you're sneaky. Taiwan will be the best place because you'll make it the best :)

  3. Beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXOOX

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! This is super exciting!!! And way awesome!! Congrats Natalie!! I am beyond excited for you!

  5. Didn't you know that part of Taiwanese culture is dressing in pioneer clothes, singing, and dancing? I hope you can reconcile your happiness with that tidbit. But seriously, we are SO EXCITED for you!!! Please eat at the Thai restaurant near the temple. You won't regret it. Keep us updated.

  6. oh my little evan. i cried right when i saw that picture. that's how much i love him and that country.

  7. That is SOO exciting! My cousin just got home from there. You are just so awesome! YAY!

  8. NATALIE . . . ok, so I am way behind on reading your blog and I am absolutely in love with you and did remember your birthday, so here I am wishing you a late happy birthday and a HUGE congratulations on you mission call! When do you leave? Let us know when the farewell is slated and we'll all be there to hear you speak :-). Sending a big hug your way and hoping to get together for a late birthday/before mission lunch/dinner. Loves :-).