Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 1: Provo to Nephi.

So, first some background. Last summer, the Faj Mahal and brothers and I had talked about doing a bike trip – riding from Provo to Cedar City. It never happened – I don’t really remember why. So, this past July, I asked my dad if they were planning on doing that bike trip this summer. He said, “Oh, yeah, we’re doing it in August...” [I think all stories concerning the FM are better if you can say his lines in the voice I normally use for him. You know, you know!] So, I instantly invited myself along and the Faj Mahal was all like, “Okay… well, yeah, sure, you can come. But you have to start training right away…” Aka he was hoping I wouldn’t ask about it so they wouldn’t have to invite me along. Wah-wah. Story of my life – proving myself to the boys in the family by completing physical feats. (You would have to too, if they gave you the nick name “Gym Girl” after they saw some not-so-flattering photos of you running… when you were 17. Yep, they’re still not over it.)

So I started training, including a way-too-dramatic ride with the FM where he casually mentioned:

FM: The boys are just a little nervous that you’ll be slower than them and they’ll have to wait up for you.

Me: Start crying. “Fine, I won't go! Sorry that I’m slower than you guys! And sorry that I’ve been responsible and working really hard all summer so I don’t have very much time to train! You guys hate me! I’m not even coming! If you guys are just all stressed about it, then I’m not coming!

FM: Lamb! No, we want you to come! Come! Just prove them wrong! I told them that we’re in no hurry and if we have to wait up, it’s not big deal! You have to come! Lamb, we really want you to come!

I acted like I was going to turn around and go back home. (Which we both knew was a joke, because I really didn’t want to bike back alone and I probably would’ve gotten lost.)

Blah blah blah (if I were telling this story in-person, you would probably laugh and realize this story is not nearly as serious as it is sounding over blog) – we keep biking and finish our ride. PS, I was accidentally two hours late to work after this ride because I am the worst judge of time in the world. Oh, sure, I can bike 50 miles, get home, shower, eat and make it to work in 3 hours – easy. NOT. Anyway, also shout-out to Ashley and Trev4 for training with me. You guys rock.

Okay, so anyway, we started our trip on August 15th and finished on the 20th.

{Loaded up bikes.}

We started biking early (but later than we were planning, per usual) on Monday morning. I was really excited for the trip, but also dreading it a teeny bit because I thought it would probably suck a little/a lot. I mean, this coming from Gym Girl.

{Me, Niels, FM, Finn - just looking cute n' fresh on day 1.}

We left from my parents’ house in Provo. We biked down 9th East in Provo, onto State Street/Main Street in Springville, through Mona (that road was a kick in the pants - uphill, wind going against us, hot, dry) and all the way to Nephi Canyon.

{Me, Spanish Fork. No pain yet.}

We ate lunch at Wendy’s in Nephi that day. Of course the FM was disappointed. (He always expects culinary excellence.) And Niels said, “Well, what d’you expect?!” - even though he had been raving about Wendy's for hours before eating.

{Sooo many french fries.}

Anyway, after eating tons of food at Wendy’s (bad idea), we biked up Nephi Canyon to a swanky camp site, complete with a swimming pool and a covered pavilion with a stove. That night we made delicious freeze dried dinners, while talking about when I was born (the Faj Mahal was talking about how he cried when I was born, and Finn said, “Yeah, because you weren’t a boy.” – my family = so sexist) and temples. For some reason Niels all of the sudden got waaay stoked to wear one-piece garments.

We played a few rounds of spoons – for some reason I loved it. I think it was because FM secretly loved it and got all stressed when the cards started going too fast.

That evening, it started pouring rain. This happened after we had washed our bike clothes and hung them all up to dry. Not like it really mattered that much for me, since some idiot (Dad? Finn? can’t remember) tripped over the clothes line, and my shirt fell in mud. And everyone thought it was way too hilarious.

(Each night when we showered/if we could shower, we would also wash our bike clothes. We each brought 2 sets of clothes, but we tried to wash the set we had worn during the day that evening at camp.)

Anyway, pouring rain. We all huddled inside the tent. It got dark. Still raining. Then it started thundering so loud. Sooo loud! Couldn’t even hear each other talking. Also, giant lightning. Also, thunder and lightning happening at the exact same time. Also, our tent was held up by a metal pole, which made me way nervous. I asked my dad if it was dangerous to be in a metal-poled tent, during the lightning storm, and he said, “Uh… I think it’ll be all right.” Also, fun fact about Finn – I learned he gets way sketched out in storms. The thunder was freaking him out and so he made us hurry and pray. We stayed mostly dry and slept.

{Finn just being a hipster-bro with his tank and Ray-Bans inside our super rainy tent.}

Total miles for the day: 55, Provo to Nephi.

{Our little tent and campground.}

{Maybe the creepiest picture taken on the trip.}


  1. Last photo is now my desktop, no lie.

  2. So..I was sitting here giggling to myself and Brett was like, "What is so funny?" and I reminded him about your bike trip and then I read pretty much the whole post out loud to him and I was laughing so hard. I love that you went, like you are my hero. I want the rest of the story right this second. Oh and...trained with you..lets just say your brothers and dad would have dis-invited you if you were a biker like me. Remember how that was my first time riding a bike uphill? Oh and Brett said he didn't think anything was wrong with my bike except the tires needed air. I am so whimpy. Whateves. Longest comment ever. Oh well.

  3. Nads. Love everything about this! Can't wait to hear more.
    FINN! 20 years old.
    Faj calling you Lamb. Cutesy cute!
    Wish I was a cool biking bombshell like you!

  4. Ha ha i totally know what you mean Natalie. My Dad wouldn't teach me how to drive a stick because he thought I would break it, so he saved it for ryan. Little bit sexist. Also, I like imagining your brothers calling you gym girl and the muddy shirt. I really love this post and love your realationship with your brothers and FM. PS I love how Neils wore a button down, too cute. I can't even handle it. What a dreamboat.

  5. Oh and I really love those biker shorts too Natalie

  6. uh, awesome. just some of awe.

  7. Oh uh... heh.. Well actually I was the one who tripped on the clothes line and it WAS pretty hilarious because, for some reason, your clothes got more dirty than anyone elses.

  8. I'm still laughing about the one piece garms. Maybe it's because of the time my mom did a visual demonstration of how to use the bathroom while wearing them. Can't wait to hear the rest of the trip details. Like, how did you get home? Did you bike back or did someone pick you up?