Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 2: Nephi to Salina

All our shorts/crotch pads drying on the back of the Faj Mahal’s bike. Faj carried the most stuff – his bike has an extension on the bike so he can carry extra stuff.

On Tuesday morning, we biked up and out of Nephi canyon. On Monday, I was dragging going up the canyon at the end of the day. But biking uphill in the morning, when it’s cool and you have just eaten is significantly easier. Duh.

Taken right after leaving Nephi Canyon, I think.

The hardest thing for me, though, was that the bike I was using wasn’t quite the right size for me, and so it was a long stretch for me. Which ended up kind of killing my upper back/neck area, especially right by my shoulder blades. You guys, childbirth in my back. Not even exaggerating. Anyway, basically I just took ib profin in the mornings, and throughout the week, I figured out how to stretch my neck and back out while riding so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Also, made one of boys dig their elbow into my back every time we stopped. That’s why I look like this in half the pictures from the trip.

On Tuesday, we biked through a bunch of small Utah towns. We stopped at the Moroni Cemetery, where the Faj Mahal’s parents’, Bruce and Doris Christensen are buried. I’ve never met them, but always felt a connection with them. We visited theirs and some other relatives’ graves, and met a man who works at the cemetery who remembers a bunch of the Faj’s relatives. I always think it’s cool when he can talk to people who have met his family, because his parents died when he was young (a newlywed), and I am always happy when people remember things about his parents or other relatives.

We biked past Manti temple, (one of my faves), and stopped at a grocery store in Manti for lunch. We bought way too much food at the grocery store (also weird foods that didn’t go together): bagels, cream cheese, cheese, raspberry flavored yogurt pretzels, chocolate soy milk, and grapes. After we ate, we had a bunch of food left over, and the Faj Mahal exclaimed, “Geez! Why did we get the freakin’ heaviest food in the country? It’s like mini water bottles on a vine!” [Referring to the grapes.] I love when the Faj says freakin’.

I think this is the day we got stuck in some construction traffic, too. It’s funny to be on a bike and get stuck in car traffic, because I feel like that never happens.

Once we got to Salina, we stopped at another grocery store to stock up on some more food for dinner. Niels put these dehydrated potato packs into his fancy jersey pockets.

That night we stayed at another really nice campsite – showers and a pool. We all swam for a while. Everyone practiced diving – the Faj Mahal showed off his flawless-dolphin-from-California-grew-up-surfing dives, and made fun of our belly flops. Then we showered, ate dinner, and went to sleep. We anticipated getting into camp in the afternoon and having a couple of hours of downtime, but we usually rolled into camp at about dinner time, freshened up, and went straight to bed.

Total miles for the day: 67.


  1. Michael says:
    Little water bottles on a vine...that is hilarious!

  2. Oh man. You guys are incredible. I'm loving these posts of the trip!