Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 3: Salina to Piute Reservoir

Some random gas station stop, no clue where.

Day three was one of the more rough days. Probably the most rough day. We left Salina in the morning, with the goal of ending up at Piute State Park Reservoir. We rode through a ton of tiny little Utah towns. We stopped for cookies at a little bakery in Elsanore. Luckily Wednesday is their cookie day, which is the day we were riding through. Their gingersnaps were extra delicious, so we bought a dozen extra gingersnaps to eat later.

A lady at the bakery told us that there was a bike trail that went along the highway, all the way to the Big Rock Candy Mountain (which was one of our resting points/tourist stops). So we rode on this trail, which was nice, and once we neared Big Rock Candy Mountain, it went along a river. The trail had rolling hills, which was a nice break from the country roads that stretched out endlessly before us. The scenery was pretty, and I liked the country roads, but sometimes while riding on them, I wanted to die because you could see a town in the distance because the land was so flat but it would still take foreverrr to get to it.

We arrived at the Big Rock Candy Mountain after tons of miles, and I have no clue exactly why, but for some reason, I HATED the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Maybe it was their lack of delicious ice cream, or my dad’s hype about it being a super fun tourist attraction, or the blazing heat/lack of air conditioning at the one gas station there or just how dang boring it was, but I just hated being there. I don't even know what I was expecting. Girls in bikinis or rafting or something.

This is THE Big Rock Candy Mountain. I know, NOT IMPRESSED.

Don’t be fooled by the word resort.

This photograph is the only reason worth going inside the resort/restaurant.

From there, we just needed to get to Piute Reservoir, but we didn’t know exactly how many miles it was until there. Most people were vague and not entirely sure how many miles. So, a long time later – I have no clue how long – we were still riding, with the Reservoir still nowhere in the distance. It was blazing HOT, Niels was ready to die because he hadn’t eaten enough food, and we were running low on water because it had been so long since the last gas station. And we were in the middle of the DESERT.

Suddenly my dad crossed the highway to the other side, where there was a little dirt road. It looked like this:

Then as I followed him, it started to look like this:

And then this:


So we all stopped there and ate gingersnaps and filtered water for about an hour and filled all our bottles up.

Then we continued up the hill we were going up (it was getting close to dinner time at this point), and once we got to the top of the hill, we looked over the valley and saw the reservoir. Of course. We ended up going a lot more miles than we were planning on.

We rode down to the Reservoir and put our swimsuits to fake-bathe, wash our clothes, and cool off in the water. That campsite was not the most pleasant because there was no water (besides the reservoir) and the ground was gravel. But I slept good every night on this trip because I was so beat by the time I went to bed.

Breakfasting at Piute Reservoir.

Annnd a little myspace to brighten your day.

Day 3 stats: Salina to Piute State Park Reservoir

Aug. 17, 2011

62.1 miles

Ave. speed = 10.9

Max speed = 36.2

Time in saddle = 5:40

Total time = ~12 hours

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