Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 4: Piute State Reservoir to Panguitch Lake

So after a rough day 3, and going many more miles than we thought we would go, the Faj Mahal told us, "All right, I know yesterday was rough but today is going to be a lot easier!" (Lie. After which, the brothers and I loved imitating my dad (you know the dad voice), by saying, "All right you guys, today is going to be a lot easier! Only 60 miles. Maybe 75... Definitely no more than 85 miles today.")

We woke up and biked about a mile uphill to get from the Reservoir back to the highway. This day our end goal was Panguitch Lake. Since it was around 40 miles to the town of Panguitch, we figured it wouldn't be that much further to get to the lake. Or rather, the Faj Mahal figured it wouldn't be that much farther to the lake.

A stop at Butch Cassidy's cabin - too bad we are all standing in front of the cabin.

When we arrived in Panguitch, we stopped at a diner for lunch. (I had cell phone service, so I quickly texted my friends back who had asked me how my trip was going - I always replied "super fun and super sucky.")

At lunch, the Faj Mahal asked a highway patrol man at the diner how many miles it was from Panguitch to the lake. He said 17 - ALL UPHILL. But he also said that the hills were gradual so they shouldn't be so bad. (What was that, Dad? You thought it'd be about 7 more miles?)

So we start biking to Panguitch Lake at like, oh 2 or 3 in the afternoon, aka hottest day of my life. We started going up, like, the biggest hill of my whole life. Not gradual AT ALL. I definitely stopped like four times on the first hill - to drink water, to change into sandals because I felt like my feet were going to fall off from how hot they were, etc. I was definitely cursing the highway patrol guy out in my mind, and maybe a little out loud to my dad (this was not the best trip to help me have better language...) because the hills were huge and I wanted to die a little bit. BUT, after like the first 3 hills, it really was gradually up hill the rest of the way, and it wasn't as bad after that.

At one point, I was slowly chugging up a hill (I was obvs by far the slowwwwest on the trip), and my dad was waiting at the top of the hill for me. When I got to the top, he was like, "I am just so proud of you. I am seriously just so impressed with you." And I was like, "Yeah, don't even be impressed, I almost stopped and walked my bike up that hill like 4 times." And then later he was talking to Finn and Niels and he was like, "You guys, the Lamb is really hardcore." And they were just completely unimpressed, because they were always always pounding it up hills, pedaling hard downhills, always miles ahead of me, etc.

That night in the tent, we played that game where you choose 4 people - one you have to kiss, one you have to marry, one you have to have a baby with, and one you can disregard, and I have never heard the FM laugh harder in my entire life. That game just killed him.

Also, disclaimer - even though I made some cracks about my dad, he really did plan this trip out so well, and was very prepared, and carried the most stuff. And would even stop and wait for me. He's the best.

Day 4—Piute State Park Reservoir to Panguitch Lake
Aug. 18, 2011
63.8 miles
Ave. speed = 9.3 mph
Max speed = 26 mph
Time in saddle = 6:50
Total time = ~ 10 hours


  1. Take this for what it is worth..but I really am proud of you for making it up those hills. You better believe I would have walked it up starting at the tiniest incline. Way to go!

  2. Natalie total biking pro! Alson, love when you play awesome/little bit totes inappropes games with your brothers!