Thursday, September 22, 2011

Final Days

All right, we're just going to combine the last days into one blog, because this is getting a little old.

So, on Thursday morning, we woke up and biked about 19 miles, from Panguitch Lake up to Cedar Breaks. Again, it was a little rough because there was so much uphill, but it was a way shorter distance, so it was really manageable and so, so beautiful. Also, the weather was much cooler because we were gaining a lot of elevation. (Aka steep hills.) When we got to the campsite there, we ate, showered, read and listened to ipods for about 4 hours.

Breakfasting on prepackaged muffins from Panguitch Lake general store before biking.

The road we took up to Cedar Breaks.

Celebratory lunch. Prepackaged fruit pies, tapioca pudding, and pringles never looked so good. Am I right!

Just being the cutest sibs ever.

And we took portraits to document tan lines and sweaty faces.

Thighs n' tan line. I won for least significant tan lines, but they're still totally there! Win.



The Faj Mahal.

Hands-down tan line winner.

On Friday morning, we rode from Cedar Breaks down to Cedar City. It was a totally fun ride, because it was fast downhill the entire way. We got all the way down (about 26 miles) in about an hour. Brobros! So fast.

At the top of Cedar Breaks.

At the bottom of the canyon, after coming down from Cedar Breaks.

Once in Cedar City, we took a celebratory picture, act breakfast, and waited to meet up with my mom, Lars, and my aunt Bonnie. We spent the afternoon swimming in our motel pool, eating delicious food and desserts, and going to Romeo and Juliet at the Shakespeare Festival.

All in all, such a fun trip. Biking trip - best trip ever. Whenever we got off our bikes, and had to get back on again, we would always (jokingly) be like, "Oh, man, just can't wait to get back on that bike! Can't wait to get that seat in between my legs again!" because we would be so sore and getting on a bike again sounded like the worst thing ever. But, seriously, still so fun. Loved it. Want to do it again. And the hardness of it was obviously way rewarding. It's a really great sense of accomplishment.

So, about that. The Faj Mahal Lars originally didn't have tickets, but then decided last minute that they wanted to come, so they had seats separate from ours. Well, this play had a more sexual interpretation than usual (like a make-out scene at the very beginning of the play, before any lines were even spoken). And we all know how Lars feels about sex. So I was secretly way entertained, imagining Lars' reaction to the whole thing (aka, couldn't stop cracking up during a make-out scene because I was picturing Lars' reaction - everyone for sure thought I was way immature.) So, after the play, I innocently asked, "Lars, did you like the play?"

Lars: "Uh, no. Not at all!"

Me: Why?!

Lars: I just didn't.

Me: Tell me why.

Lars: Okay, well, for one thing: way too much kissing! It's disgusting. Also, they talk to themselves way too much!

Hah, oh Lars. At least he knows what breastfeeding is.

Make up just doing wonders for my face - at the Shakespeare Festival.

Final biking stats:

Day 5—Panguitch Lake to Cedar Breaks Point Supreme Campground
Aug 19, 2011
19.6 miles
Ave. speed = 6.8 mph
Max speed = 35.2 mph
Time in saddle = 2:50
Total time = ~4 hours

Day 6—Cedar Breaks to Cedar City
Aug. 20, 2011
26.7 mph
Ave. speed = 20.1 mph
Max speed = 40.2 mph
Time in saddle = 1:07
Total time = ~ 1.5 hours


  1. Love this post and all the pictures! Not even getting boring.
    a. Love snuggly sibs sleeping bag photo
    b. You really did have awesome tan lines
    c. always always always love hearing about lars feeling uncomfortable about sexual things

  2. 1. love your pose on top of Cedar breaks with the sibs :)
    2. your hair is b-e-a-u-tiful! and whatevs on the needing make-up
    3. I am so super impressed that you did this bike trip. way to go!!

  3. What an amazing trip! I am so proud of you for doing something way hard with your family- this will be a trip to remember for a long time ;) xoxoxo

  4. This ALMOST makes me want to try a bike trip some time. . . .almost.

  5. Loved reading about your trip! Such an awesome accomplishment! You are definitely hardcore :) Also, I can't believe how long your hair is!