Thursday, October 13, 2011

recent happenings

Oh, man, leaving so soon. Some missionary related things:

A. My old next door neighbor, Brother Murdock, (who I adore), emailed me and told me he thinks I'll be a wonderful missionary and then went on to say, "I know you have rough edges. I've heard you get angry and swear at your brothers. (They deserved it, by the way.)" Haha, funny slash embarrassing. Also, made me self-conscious. I bet he heard sooo much embarrassing stuff while we were growing up. We're so loud.

B. My mission president looks like Skinner (from X-Files). Meant To Be.

C. The Faj Mahal thinks my missionary clothes are way too un-conservative. When I showed him a floral skirt I bought, he exclaimed, "You think you can just run wild!" So great.

Some non-missionary related things:

Went to the Relief Society broadcast with Ariel. While we were walking with the hoards of women to the conference center, I kept getting really stressed because the lining of my skirt was hiking up so high that I couldn't pull it down and I could tell it was making my underclothing show a little bit in the back. I kept trying to tug my skirt down, but it wasn't really working. Then while standing on the street corner, a woman really nicely told me that I needed to pull my skirt down. I explained why I couldn't and she said to the girls around her, "All right, surround her!" So all the cute women around her (I think they were part of her family) surrounded me so I could lift my skirt up and pull the slip down, and they were definitely all helping pull the slip down, too. (Is this story tmi for a blog? Gah, hope not.) It was so funny and so cute of them. Made me love Mormon women even more.

Wait, have you guys been to that waffle/fries place in Salt Lake? I forgot how good it is. It is sooo good. Seriously some of the best food ever. Ariel and I went before the broadcast. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't take pictures of delicious food? Not the cute/fun kind, tell you what!

Dining with these awesome people (my summer camp besties). Taylor, Nic, KC. Some favorites. I have so many favorites.

I don't know why I am standing like that.

Park City art stroll with Brittany and Emily, MOA besties.

Niels ran his first marathon! The Faj Mahal ran his, like, 70th.


  1. That photo of you and Ariel is gorgeous!!

  2. You look freaking adorable..I'm glad you have cute sis missionary clothes..That food looks so good and I think I need to go there someday. Is it weird I am going to miss you like so much and I live across the country?

  3. When I was in the throes of contemplating a mission, I pictured myself wearing light pink cardigan sweaters with a string of dowdy pearls, along with long black skirts and ugly, mary janes. That image, plus the fear of being sent to Taiwan to speak Chinese is what kept me from going. So, kudos to you for your wanton floral skirt and for being brave enough to go to Taiwan! I guess I got what I deserved in the end, but so will you, so that's awesome. I hope the intestines fried rice and chunks of lard you may have to eat will soften those rough edges of yours. They are LEGENDARY.