Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 February 2012


Hey, everyone!

This week has been so good and I have so many things to write about and I will for sure run out of time. We are going to Taipei today to go to the temple, which I am super excited about.

This week, all the members (okay, 2 members) have been telling me how "You'd better be careful, because with your body type, it will be very easy for you to gain weight, especially after you get married. And especially after you have kids!" Another member told me, "Cen Jiemei, I think you will gain weight on your mission!" I responded by telling her that I have honestly prayed, thanking Heavenly Father for sending me somewhere with such delicious food. And then the members I was with started cracking up and said, "Join the club!" (Because they've been complaining about their weight lately. Ha, so funny.) Then the other day, we went in to a restaurant to meet a potential investigator referral the elders gave us, and when she saw me, she said, "Oh! You're pregnant! Congratulations!" I was like, "Are you seriously kidding me right now?!" Oh, also another member told Wang Jiemei she has been gaining weight, and I was cracking up, saying how in the States we never tell people that. And Wang Jiemei asked if I were gaining weight, if I wanted her to tell me. I was like, "No way!"

English class was awesome this week. I actually had like 6 people come, which is a lot for our class. We played a game, where I would have one of them come up and write a person on the board, and then everyone in the class would give clues and the person would have to guess who they were. Ha, so many good quotes came out of it - too bad I can't remember a lot of them. But one was Lady Gaga, and the class said things like, "She dresses errotically!" And then when he guessed who it was, he looked at me with a confused face and said, "Kaka?" Haha, it reminded me of when Aunt Jeni said, "Mahi Mahi?" instead of "Hobby Lobby." When I did Kobe Bryant, they said, "He is a very, very black man." And when I did James Bond, one said, "He really likes a lot of women." And the next person said, "The women really like him!" Ha, they were so cute and so funny.

We had an awesome zone conference this week (I LOVE President Grimley, my mission president), all about finding, and developing the faith to find. I learned so many good things, and it has definitely helped me be a better missionary. We talked about how finding is an act of faith and how our faith needs to be in Jesus Christ, and not in ourselves. Lately, I think I don't rely on God, and so I realized that my faith shouldn't be in my Chinese (duh), my looks, my area, etc. It's all about Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven and where they have prepared people. It was awesome, and I have tried a lot harder to have more faith.

So on Sunday night, we went to eat dinner with the Fan family, and they invited some other families from the ward, so it was just a big, fun, delicious party. One of the couples who came are Brother and Sister Jiu - they are like 40ish? Anyway, I love asking the members when they joined the church and why they joined the church (often they are first-generation members), and so I asked her, and then I asked about her husband. She joined the church like 20 years ago, and her husband joined about 8 years ago. I didn't understand the whole story, but basically her husband used to not like the church and had not interest, but eventually he joined the church, and it was kind of a miracle that he did and now he is so stalwart and such an awesome member. So, then we didn't have a spiritual thought with them because there were so many of them, so instead we all sang, "Because I have been given much" and Brother Jiu sang the whole song with his eyes closed, and head slightly tilted up, like he was praying. It was so precious, it almost brought me to tears. I was so overcome by the Spirit and with love for these good pioneer-members who warn me that I'll get fat easily, and have strong testimonies, and always befriend our investigators at church. And it made me want to go out and share the gospel, so that people can feel peace and be able to be friends with these good members.

So, right after that, we went out knocking doors. We had a goal to have a new investigator, which means you have a lesson with them and a set up return appointment. So we went with Yu Jia Rong (our recent convert who got baptized a few weeks ago), and we planned on going to this one place, but then we thought maybe we wouldn't go there because it was kind of far away, but we decided to stick to our plans. We started knocking, and this was like Buddhist central. Everyone was kind of older, and all had their altars, incense, and statues in their house, so all had absolutely no interest in hearing out message. And funny, because I get creeped easily, and this one guy got all mad at us for knocking in his neighborhood and Yu Jia Rong kept clutching my arm, and getting all freaked out because it was dark and quiet. Ha, so funny. Anyway, but I was trying really hard to have faith, and since we had set a goal for a new investigator, and prayed to accomplish it, I knew Heavenly Father could help us find a prepared person. So, then, blah blah blah, it was time to leave, and there was a girl getting off her scooter on the side of the road, and I didn't even notice her and Wang Jiemei was on the phone, and pointed her out. So Yu Jia Rong and I went to talk to her and she was totally interested, and we even had a lesson with her - which means we had to pray outside on the side of the street, and it was cold and windy, etc. Anyway, awesome because we totally accomplish her goal, and she is our new investigator. And President Grimley just told us, "It'll be the last door on the last floor that you find the person who will accept the gospel message." It was awesome for me to see, because I was trying so hard to have more faith. I love that everything in the gospel rests on faith. Wah, so cool. And I know, that through our faith, Heavenly Father can do anything. He helps us accomplish our goals and our desires. He really is at the helm of missionary work, and our lives.

Okay, no time to write anything else!! I'll write more on Monday!

Love love love,



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