Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

Me with a huge bowl of soup with shrimp with their eyeballs


Okay, so a big trendy thing here is fake glasses, without any lenses. (Ah, people after my own heart!) There is this one guy here (one of the elder's investigators - his name is Colt) who always wears freaky fake contacts - like yellow ones and red ones. One of the elders was like, "When I look into Colt's eyes, I feel like I am going to burn up." Ha, so funny.

My advanced English class is awkward lately. Well, mostly just last week it was. Only one guy came and his English is perfect, so it was just me and him, so the elders sent Colt in to be the third person. So Colt just sat there on his phone, and then the second someone else came in, Colt got up and walked out.

Oh, also, everyone here wears SARS masks. If they are sick, they wear them. And if they are trying to prevent getting sick, they wear them. It is pretty much impossible for me to tell what they are saying when they are wearing them. Muffled Chinese = even more impossible than regular Chinese.

On Saturday, there was an awesome ward activity! I guess every year, they do this big thing where they get together with the government and have this huge charity bazaar (like, a sale thing .) Anyway, so they had tons of delicious food, clothes (after it was over, they gave us some of the left over clothes that they were going to donate - Oh, man I got the coolested sweater ever! Turquoise, with a big duck on the front, with like patches of white fur. And ginomrous shoulder pads, which I removed because I looked like a football player. Anyway, such a cool/cute sweater, I'll send a pic sometime.) And they had performances - the young women did this dance (back street boy style) that they have been practicing forever. This other guy did some beat-boxing. (Shout-out to Trevor - made me miss you!)

This week, we have been trying to figure out how we can help the members do more missionary work and encourage them to let us meet with their friends and family who are interested in the gospel. One of the young women, Lu De, is a rockstar! She had four people she wanted to share the gospel with, including two teachers, but felt really scared about it. So we (meaning, Wang Jie mei) talked to her about what she could say to them. And so Lu De talked to them and two weren't interested but two were and one is really willing to meet with us! And Lu De told us she was so scared, but when she saw how happy her teacher was about getting to hear the gospel, she knew that the gospel can make people happy. So Sister Wang and I shared a little message about missionary work in Relief Society. We shared testimony of how Heavenly Father has prepared people, and we don't know who they are, but we are supposed to share the gospel with everyone - to give everyone a chance. And we shared Lu De's experience. It was good. And after that, one of the members came up to us and has some relatives who she has started to share the gospel yet but she doesn't know what to do next. So we are going to meet with her and talk to her more. We also went to the Bishop's house, ate with him and his cute family, and shared a gospel message, also encouraging them to introduce the gospel to their friends. It was good, and hopefully we'll be able to work with the members more. Wang Jie mei is really awesome at working with members, and getting them involved with lessons. We are also meeting with another family this week, to share a gospel message and see if we can help them do missionary work.

Okay, so a few weeks ago, I talked with this adorable girl (like 20's), outside our apartment. We were throwing away trash and I remember she was wearing really cute shoes and scarf, so I told her I liked them. And I felt like I should talk to her about gospel (obviously) but I didn't! Ah! So, I felt really bad and I prayed that I might be able to see her again. Yesterday, when we were coming home from church, she was outside washing her car and so we talked to her and she is willing to meet with us! Yeah! It was a testimony to me, that Heavenly Father is in charge and that when we fail, Heavenly Father and the Atonement give us a chance to make it up.

Xin Zhun (I sent pictures of her) finally has a baptismal date - did I tell you that already? This is big news. She has been meeting for a while with missionaries (can't remember how long) and she is sooo stellar (always comes to church - all three hours, socializes with all the members, reads and prays, keeps all the commandments and all her commitments, etc.), but hasn't wanted to set a baptismal date. We meet with her all the time, and she finally sent a baptismal date... for next week! Ha, actually Wang Jie mei helped her set that date. So soon. Anyway, she is still scared but she has decided to just do it because she knows it is true and knows it's what she is supposed to do. The members here are pioneers and have such great faith. I take it for granted that my wards at home are big and have tons of active members. Anyway, love them. I'm really excited for Xin Zhun to get baptized.

We met with another adorable girl this week (like 15 years or 16), and she commited to be baptized in the first lesson. So awesome.

One of the elders here - get this. His mom had a baby while he was gone and she's having another baby in a couple weeks! Wah! Two new babies while he's on his mission. Crazy.

Also, Niels turned in his mission papers! Wah, so cool!!

Love you all so much and thank you for your letters and support. Wah, you're all so great, I could die.

Love love love,



Allison! Thank you for your letters - I haven't gotten them yet, but I'm sure I will soon! I have a cute hair thing to explain sometime to you.

Ariel! Thank you for your long emails! Loved them. Detroit will be great! For realsies. Except, STEVE, the shopping will always be better in NY. Ha. Also, new job sounds awesome. Does Sara Vranes work there? She was my roommate this summer. She's great! Tell her hi for me!

Zoe! Thanks for your emails and cute photos. Slumdog millionarie dance sounds awesome. Tutus = almost as awesome.

Courtney Petersen! Do you read this?? I neeeed your address - I have a letter all ready to send and no address!

Emily Larson - could you maybe send me Courtney Petersen's address again?? (Sorry, I'm the worst. Lost it.) Love you.

ANother shout-out: Celia!! Just got your email! Sorry my letter didn't come for a long time. No worries about the dress! If you move to Boston or Chicago, I will be so jealous and so excited for you and def want to come visit. And also want to live there. Also, jealous that you're going to LA. Tell Annie and Kahlil hello! I miss Annie. Love you, Cel Jane, and thanks for the letter. Oh, and crap, I need your address again. Sorry. Email it to me.

This place we went (shi shan) up in the country/mountains, sort of. It was pretty and cool. Lots of little temples and stuff. And

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