Monday, February 6, 2012

January 22, 2012

Hey! This will just be a random list of all the stuff that happened this week.

So, we contact all the time, right? And contacting is like the dang most awkward thing on the planet. Especially because sometimes peoples cannot even tell what I am saying and I usually definitely can't tell what they are saying. I always get so scared to contact people, and always just have to make myself do it. I want to die every time someone rejects me (awkward), that's probably why the Lord sent me somewhere where the people are so nice and polite. But sometimes really cool things happen when we contact. I normally don't like to contact middle-age to old men because they usually reject me (which is honestly bad of me, because we're supposed to talk to everyone and I don't know who is prepared to receive the gospel), and the other day, this middle aged guy was just standing on the street corner, and I kept not talking to him, but then I decided to, and it was cool, because he patiently listened to my super broken Chinese and then had a lot of questions about what latter-day saint means and why our church was different and whether our church is the same as when Christ was on the earth, etc, and so I ended up giving him basically the whole first lesson and he wants to meet with the missionaries. We turned him over to the elders, and I hope he keeps learning about the gospel.

This week, I taught English class for the first time (we have it every week). I taught the advanced class because they know more English and it was so much fun! I loved it so much. I taught this precious middle-aged investigator couple. And then 2 other Chinese guys came in. We talked about Chinese New Year's and Christmas and Thanksgiving. So fun.

Where I live has a lot of hills, I heard, and actually got to experience it this week. We biked up a ginormous hill, practically like a mountain. Actually, jk, not that big, but still huge. There are a bunch of people from Philippines who live and work here, and they all live at this place at the top of this ginormous hill. So now, when we contact Philippinos, I'm happy if they want to learn more and so bummed to have to big up that hugeness to have lessons with them.

Biking in skirts here is the pits! I basically have 2 skirts that work okay with biking. They fly around everywhere! (It is super windy here.) I have tried everything - tights, slips, tucking my skirts into the top of my knee-high nylons, and clipping the middle of my skirts together. Ahhh, it is so stressful every time I ride. I'm still trying to find a solution, so if you have any good ideas, let me know. I think I'm going to go shopping with one of the members and try to find some longer skirts.

This week, we also went to sing at an old folks' home. Super fun and kind of hilarious. While we were singing songs like All Creatures of Our God and King and Nearer My God to Thee, the people started clapping along. Precious, though.

Other missionaries teach my native companion the funniest slang. The other day when the district leaders called us, she answered the phone by saying, "suck it up." Haha, it was so funny, I was cracking up.

Oh, also the other day, we went into the church bathroom and my companion walked into her stall and said, "Huh?!... Cat!" So, I went to look, and sure enough, there was a cat, hanging out in the bathroom stall. So funny.

Because of Chinese New Year, basically no one will meet with us, so it'll probably be contacting, all day every day. My favorite. All the members have been super nice and are feeding us all week. Last night I ate a fish eyeball. It was hard. Woof. The joys of being the new companion and eating with my native companion and elders. They make sure I try all the grossest stuff. One super delicious thing I tried this week - I don't know the name of it - but it was like this hot ginger soup with transparent broth and boba/tapioca pearls in it with big, soft pillows of tofu and beans in it. Ah, so good.

One of our investigators, Yu Jia Rong, is getting baptized on Saturday. She is so, so, so golden. She just met missionaries on the street and decided to take lessons and before has never believed in a god or anything, but now she believes the gospel and God so readily. She accepts every doctrine and commandment with 100% faith, no questions ask. And she is even experiencing some opposition in joining the church, but she is still getting baptized. Wah, the members here are so good.

All right, love you all, for reals. I'll try to write and send individual letters really soon!

Love, Natalie


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