Monday, February 6, 2012

January 29, 2012

My district in the MTC, Sister Fan on the far left

Because this week was Chinese New Year, we didn't have a lot of lessons, and we ate lunch and dinner with members everyday. And loud fireworks and firecrackers went off everywhere, all the time. Including middle of the night. I ate some more weird things this week: some type of blood, duck feet, pig ears. And tons of delicious food. And this week, before eating dinner with a member, I said (in Chinese), "My dad went to Hong Kong to food his mission." (I said food instead of serve.) And so then everyone was giving me a hard time and saying things like, "Oh, somebody's hungry."

So, we do this thing to promote our English class called "English Boarding," where we hold up big signs advertising English class by a busy intersection and then whenever the light turns red, we go up to cars to talk to the people in them and give them English fliers. Wahh, so embarrassing. Light turns red, run into the road, approach cars (I would never do that in my real life/I probably wouldn't talk to anyone who tried to come up to my car), and then book it back to the sidewalk before the light turns green again. I'm sure I looked like a total dorkward. The things I do to be a missionary.

The other day I had to get off my bike and WALK UP THE HILL. You guys, whenever I bike, I never let myself stop on a hill. Especially if I'm with the Faj Mahal/brothers, because gotta prove to them that I'm not a whimp. But this hill was huge and steep. And I was wearing nylons. Wah, I felt like a loser.

On Saturday night, one of our investigators (super golden one), Yu Jia Rong, got baptized. Yeah! It was really good and everything went well. She was super happy and totally ready. The next day, she got the gift of the Holy Ghost. Her blessing said some cool things, and I'm just really happy for her. I know she's going to keep progressing in the gospel.

We have a couple other investigators that have been progressing a lot.

We had a zone training this week. It was all about using time wisely and setting goals. It was really good and inspiring, even though now I'm scared I'm going to go to the Terrestrial Kingdom. Wah. President Grimley is awesome and so kind. And, yes, he did give a Lord of the Rings quote, and commented on how he thinks Gandalf should have been a prophet.

All right, love and miss you all tons!

Favorite noodle restaurant in Zhubei; tons of retro, weird little dolls and action figures everywhere.

Me and Sister Wang

Creepy cat in the bathroom at church


Emily Brown!! Do you even read this?? Wah, so excited to get an email from you and I want to write you so bad! Send me your address, stat!! Also, I would LOVE to get music from you. I don't know how to get it off the computer, but I will try to figure out a way. PS, do you know a Jonathon Honeycutt serving here? He says he knows you! He is in my district.

Bonnie! Thanks for your sweet gift before I left the MTC!

Celia! Gah, sorry I haven't written you back yet, but THANK YOU for all the stickers and treats and cutie stuff. Love you and miss you. I will write soooon.

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  1. Love the photos!! Good to see that you are doing well!