Monday, February 6, 2012

MTC Letter #10, Dec. 27, 2011

Hey guys!

It feels weird to be emailing again so soon since I just got to email you guys on Sunday. I hope everyone had such a good Christmas. I really had such a good Christmas. My family and friends are the best and it was so nice and fun to get pictures, letters, gifts, and delicious treats from all of you. Love you all so much. Seriously, I have the best people in my life and I always feels so grateful for that.

So, on Sunday I wrote home a little bit about Christmas eve and getting to have a huge sacrament meeting with Elder Bednar on Sunday, which was awesome. On Christmas morning, my hermana roommates who I love and my compy who I also love got up and opened all our gifts together and it was really fun to hang out with them. On Christmas day, after Elder Bednar's talk, we had the usual (but a teeny bit nicer than normal) MTC fare - turkey and mashed potatoes, as predicted. The line for Christmas lunch was hugely long. I was cracking up because I was talking to my roommates, Hermanas Chase and Warnock and Sister Chase is this super petite little thing, and she was telling us how on Christmas day, she made Sister Warnock butt a ton of people in huge line to get towards the front of the line and Sister Warnock was timidly like, "Uh, Sister Chase? Don't you think we should wait at the end of the line?" And Sister Chase was all snappy and like, "Hermana, we are not going to get to eat any food if we don't get ahead of this line." Later, when they were telling me and Sister Winters about it, Sister Chase was like, "I was seriously being a vampire." And they way she was acting totally reminded me of that old Chris Farely SNL, where he's the gap girl - you know the one.

Anyway, on Sunday we also watched a really long broadcast of a past MoTab concert. I have also already confessed my secret but growing love for MoTab. Mission - changing me, tell you what! After that, we ate a sack dinner, complete with a hogi ham sandwich with more deli sliced ham than I could ever hope for.

Christmas night, we had a fireside. Oh, and we had to sing this dork-wad missionary version of the 12 days of Christmas, and I wanted to die from the dorkiness, and Sister Winters was extra-acting it out to make me feel even more uncomfortable. And it worked. Then we watched Mr. Krugar's Christmas. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was little (it was one of the 5 church movies that we were allowed to watch on Sundays, including "The Golden Rule" featuring puppets, and Book of Mormon story movies - but we only had the singalongs), but I haven't seen it in forever. And I forgot how much I actually love that movie. It's kind of weird with all those day dreams he has, and really sad at the beginning because he doesn't have any friends. But it ends up totally precious and I actually really love it. Also, I love the way he talks to baby Jesus in that movie. It's just so precious and it's a good little portrayal of how you should feel towards Christ.

Anyway, that's basically all I did on Christmas.

Oh, I do have a really slightly funny story. Uncle Jed and Aunt Nat were total dreams and sent me a package with bread and nutella. And we are not supposed to eat in our classrooms, but of course, whenever our teacher leaves, we rush the treat corner and start eating food. (Also, the elders in my district always point out how motivated I am by food. Rude.) Anyway, so this day was no exception and when our teacher left, we started eating bread and nutella, but I was kind of paranoid because it was an extra messy thing to be eating. So I said, "Okay, who would have the best reaction if a teacher walked in right now?" And they all said I would, and then start making jokes about how I would like accidentally chuck my bread across the room or something. So then, right as we were talking about that, someone knocked on the door, which obviously really startled me, plus no one knocks on the door, so I frantically chucked my bread off to the side. It was just another missionary, so no big deal, and when I looked where I had put my bread, I realized i had chucked it nutella side down on the desk. Anyway, it was just sort of funny about how freaked out I got about it.

Wellll, I don't really have anything else to write about. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is doing well. You guys, I'm leaving in like 2 weeks! It is bizzare. I'm so scared but also cannot even wait to leave the MTC.

Love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me!



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