Monday, February 6, 2012

MTC Letter #12, Jan. 3, 2012

Hey everyone!

Leaving so soon! I am leaving on Tuesday morning to fly from Salt Lake to LA. Then I fly from LA to Taipei. I'll get to Taipei on Wednesday night, their time. I think we stay in Taipei with the mission president for a couple of days to do a little orientation thing and then start working. I'm totally freaking out. I am so excited to leave here, and I can't even wait to never have to eat MTC food again in my life. I'm excited to be gone from Provo, because it feels weird to be living here, but not be involved in anything that is going on with my friends, family, and home. I'm so excited to get to Taiwan and see what it is like. I'm not scared about being there, or the food, or the people or anything, but I am a little terrified about the language. So scared I won't be able to say anything! And scared to have this sacred responsibility of sharing the gospel, when I can hardly speak the language. But, I know everything will work out fine and I am truly so excited to go.

Also, I know I've already talked about how much I love videos - seriously love them so, so much - but we watched some of Chinese people and people who live in Taiwan and I just already love Taiwan people! Cutest people ever and I can't wait to meet them and get to work with them. So excited. Also, getting there right before new year's eve is starting! Stoked! Can I get a what-what that most of my skirts have elastic waists! Also, does anyone know what the weather will be like in Taiwan next week? I'm anxious to know.

Our fireside this Sunday night was particularly awesome/interesting. The people who spoke were definitely on my team! So they announce the speakers (it's a guy who works at the MTC and has been a mission president and his wife), and so his wife is supposed to get up to speak first, but they both got up and went to the pulpit. They said, "Elder Holland said there should be good music in the church, and more of it, and good speaking in the church, and less of it!" And then their 3 teenage children came up to the pulpit and the whole family did a musical number. Then the wife spoke and then they all came up to the pulpit again and did two musical numbers. And then after the guy spoke, they all came up and did one more musical number. Haha, oh, man, what gems. They were like mormon pop stars, and I loved it.

This week hasn't been extremely eventful - we've just been busy trying to get ready to leave. Everyone is always reminding us to stay really focused and diligent. Our teacher, Brother Mix, has been pep talking us and interviewing us to make sure we're on task and help us with anything we need help with. He helped me better figure out how to focus better and focus on what my purpose is as a missionary. For some reason, I sort of didn't realize that as soon as you meet with an investigator, you are supposed to tell them that your purpose is to bring them closer to Christ and help them accept his gospel and baptism.

Elder Cranney has been sick (has a really bad cough) and Elder Timothy told us the other night that Elder Cranney (who is on the bunk above Elder Timothy) was coughing really loud and hard and Elder Timothy said, "I was just hoping he would shut up because it was so loud and I was so tired and it was making the bed shake, and then Elder Cranney let out this long, soft breath. And I thought about my biology class and how our teacher told us that sometimes right before people die, they let out a breath like that, so I thought he for sure had died. And so I was softly calling out Elder Cranney's name and he wasn't answering. So I was like, gosh, I think he died... Well, there's nothing I can do about it now. I guess we'll just wait until the morning." We were like, what the? You didn't even do anything about it? So funny, and so typical of the way Elder Timothy thinks and talks.

We have a new elder in our district for a couple weeks. He's originally from Taiwan and going to Hong Kong Mandarin speaking. He is just so cute and we've loved having someone else in our district this week.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all that a couple weeks ago, I gave my first talk in Chinese. Awesome. Scary.

Our hermana roommates leave tomorrow. We're going to miss them so dang much!

This week, when we were outside the temple on Sunday, we saw a family that only spoke Mandarin and they had a friend with them who spoke English. He said they wre investigating the church and they were so cute and funny and chatted with us and of course wanted to get pictures with all of us. So cute.

Okay, can't think of anything else to say. Good luck starting the new semester! Also, what's up with this non-Winter weather? Weird. Love you all! Write me before I go! (You have a week!) Oh, crap, I just realized that I forgot to bring my Taiwan address with me, but hopefully the Faj Mahal will post it to my blog. My email is So if writing to Taiwan is too stressful, email me because I would obvs. still love to hear from you!!



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