Monday, February 6, 2012

MTC Letter #6, Dec. 6, 2011

Okay, so a couple of slightly funny things happened this week.

There is this elder that I love in a perfectly platonically way left this week. His name is Elder Soule - I don't think I've written about him? Anyway, he's kind of a mix of my friend JJ Frioux and Kramer from Seinfeld and is really into drama and the arts, etc. I don't know how to describe him, but I can do a really good impersonation, which I will do when I get home. Annnyway, this is what happened between him and Elder Cranney (who Niels knows and describes as being "brilliant and oh-so-sophisticated".) So I was sitting a couple people down from E. Soule at dinner, Sis Winters was next to me and Elder Cranney was next to her. And I had a big, fat cold sore, which Elder Cranney was kind of concerned about. Okay, sorry so much set up. So, we're all sitting there eating and Elder Soule calls down the table:

Soule: "Elder Cranney! What kind of drink do you have??"

Cranney: "Orange juice mixed with cranberry juice."

S: (still yelling) "Orange juice mixed with blue juice?!"

C: repeats himself.

S: "Oh! Can I try a sip??"

C: "Sorry, but I'm not really comfortable with sharing drinks."

At this point in the conversation, Sister Winters told me that Elder STallings (Cranney's comp) was like, "Are you a germophobe?" And Elder Cranney said, "Yeah, sort of. I mean, especially with Sister Christensen having a cold sore. You just never know. She said it's contagious and like a virus."

S: (I don't think he heard Elder Cranney and calls out again) "Can I try a sip of your drink? I don't want to get a whole cup of it, in case I don't like it!" (I know where he's comin' from - love just trying bites and sips - something the Faj Mahal and brothers never understand.)

C: reluntantly passes his drink down to Elder Soule.

Elder Soule proceeds to drink it in the weirdest way ever. For some reason, he pucked his lips out really far, and like sort of put the glass underneath his bottom lip and tilted his head back to drink it. It was awesome and weird. He took two sips, smacking his lips after each one, and then passed the drink back to Elder Cranney.

So then, Sister Winters went to get something and came back and was like, "sis. Christensen, I saw an elder with a cold sore. You guys should be friends." (Good one, Sister Winters.) And then Elder Soule's companion starts pointing at Elder Soule and says something like, "Oh, Elder Soule has a cold sore!" and Elder Soule starts making this kind of sad, really self-conscious face and he starts touching his top lip and he's like, "What are you saying about my cold sore?" And at this point, Sister Winters realized that Elder Soule had a cold sore and that Elder Cranney had continued drinking his drink so she told E. Cranney that Soule has a cold sore and Cranney was like, "What?" And then he started rationalizing is and was like "Okay, well, he didn't touch is mouth to the glass" and "Are there different types of cold sores?"

So, my fear of cold sores is still alive and well in the MTC, and everyone's probably going to start breaking out in them, but it won't be my fault, because I don't share things when I have cold sores. I was cracking up though. Poor Elder Cranney.

Speaking of the lunchroom, another slightly funny story - we were talking about how we were before our missions and how people here have different perceptions of us than we think we really are, so I'm like, "yeah, I think people here think I'm weirder than I am in real life" and right as I'm saying that, my hair dips into my bowl of ice cream and gets stuck in it for a second, and so then everyone was cracking up, and I'm like, great, I just furthered their belief that I am weird. And then Elder Stallings - total gem - got water in my glass and stood to the side of me to block me from the gaze of all the cafeteria missionaries while he encouraged me to dip the end of my hair into my water cup to get the ice cream out of it. Sick. Totes disheveled.

Okay, one more quick funny story to illustrate the dynamic of my zone. We had just finished practicing teaching, and we're evaluating.

Cranney: Is it safe to say we learn from our failures?

Elder Timothy: I mean, you can speak for yourself, but I thought it went great.

me: Elder Timothy is perfect. (I said it in a nice, jokey way.)

Timothy: No, no, I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm just saying *I* didn't have any big problems... Okay, yeah, so I could also learn how to teach someone to prayer. Okay, so I had to look at the book. But, I mean, other than that it went good.

Sister Fan (our teacher): Little teaching skills need to improve... like, love your companions.

The elders say something a little bit defensive.

Sister Fan: I mean, you just have ... silent fights.

Haha, so funny. Sister Winters and I were trying so hard not to laugh.

Okay, now a spiritual note. The other day we were practicing teaching, using the Holy Ghost in conversion and Brother Mix (our teacher) encouraged us to take the role play seriously, even though it was a "fake" situation. (Because normally, we like to be pagan investigators, and Sister Winters likes to have her Southern Baptist I-love-the-Bible-and-rock-and-roll-at-church accent come out.) So, we were all very serious about it and it was sooo cool, because I felt way nervous and intimidated to teach while being led by the spirit, but I just tried really hard to focus and be calm and it was awesome because I really felt like I was led to certain scriptures as I was being the missionary and then as I was the investigator, Sister Winters really helped me gain some more insight into a long-standing question I have. It was so cool. The church is true. Totally out of time. Love you all sooo dang much and thanks a mil for all the letters. Love them so, so much!!


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