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MTC Letter #7, Dec. 13, 2011

Hi, family and friendies!!

Miss you all so much and hope you're all doing well! Good luck everyone who is in the midst of finals.

So, we always get awesome speakers here at the MTC. This week, Sister Ann Dibb of general young women presidency came to speak to us. She is also President Monson's wife. She gave a really good talk, and then talked about her dad for like 40 minutes and it was awesome to hear some cute, little things about President Monson. (I love when speakers come to the mtc, because they are always so personable.) So here are some fun things I learned about President Monson:

- He loves yellow and he will always say hi to someone wearing yellow and a red-head, because he thinks red-heads get picked on. (Thought of you, Coryn Cope.)

- He doesn't dye his hair. (I guess someone asked her that question once.)

- She said he always reached out to others and recognizes what needs to be done and does it. I think that's impressive.

- He said that he once said that being a secretary in the deacon's quorum was the job that helped him prepare most for his calling as a prophet.

- He loves a turkey dinner, apple pie, mincemeat pie, and hagan daas bars

- She said he's always very complimentary, and everytime she goes over to her parents house to visit, no matter what she is wearing or what she looks like, he will say to his wife, "Doesn't Ann look lovely today? Aren't we so grateful to have Ann in our life!" She said that because of his example she has a testimony of the power that comes when we genuinely recognize others and genuinely compliment them.

- The one that stuck out the most to me was that she said that he always honors others' expectations of him. I love that a lot.

Oh, this week, we also had BYU Men's Chorus come and sing to us and that was so awesome. They sang a spiritual that I loved and some Christmas songs. It was so, so great.

So, this week the new generation of Mandarin speakers came. We were all super nervous waiting for them to come, imagining that we would never be able to impress them with out Chinese. TRUE. Most of them have a Chinese background, and of course, the first day they were there, I was sitting by some of the new elders and chatting with them and one of them said something in Chinese - no clue what he said. Worst fears confirmed. Sister Winters definitely did not take one for the team, as she turned her head and left me to try and act like I knew what he was saying. And basically any encounter we have with him, he says something we don't know. Stressful. We always make jokes about avoiding him, but we don't really. But, seriously! But they are great and they are all nice and it's fun to have more missionaries in our zone to hang out with.

So, my teacher who is Taiwanese, Sister Fan, knows the Faj Mahal, and the other day I was talking to her while we were walking and I didn't know the word "forget" so instead I said, "I don't remember my coat." (instead of "I forgot my coat.") And she looked at me like, seriously? And then she said, "I'm going to tell your dad you said that." I was like, "Nooo! Only tell him my Chinese is awesome!" Another funny thing about her that I have probably said before, is that sometimes we'll think Chinese words or culture things are really funny and she totally doesn't get why we think it's so funny. For example, the other day, we were talking about how in Chinese you can double the same word, to add emphasis. So, the word for weird is "qi guai" but if something is really weird you can say "qi qi guai guai". So then we asked her if we could say extremely in front of that and she was like, "uh, no, that's over-doing it." So, we were like, "What if something super weird happens?" And Sister Winters said, "like ... if someone had an alien for a baby, then could you say extremely weird weird?" And Sister Fan was like, "no, you would just say, 'you had an alien baby!'" We were like, "No, you'd be like, 'that's soooo weird!'" Anyway, it was funny and sometimes she seems kind of perplexed about why we want to know things like that.

Also, I LOVE the videos. Favorite. There is this one about this blind Frenchman, named Pierre, ohmygosh, cutest vid ever. You guys should all watch it.

Celia, could you send me a letter with a return address? Slash also your parents' address? I've given Niels a couple of letters to give to you - I hope he's gotten them to you.

Love you all so, so, so much! Good luck with school and finals. I'll remember you in my prayers. Missionary prayers are supposed to be extra good.



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