Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear family and friends,

I LOVE my new area Zhong Li. It is a bigger city and more busy and bustling than Zhubei. And I LOVE my new companion - her name is Sister Tsai. She is also from Taiwan. I've been so lucky with companions! The other day, a member told us that we matched and I was like, "Like our clothes? The way we talk?" And she was like "No, your souls." Ha, so precious! I love Sister Tsai because she is a totally rockstar missionary and I can talk to her about everything - like my fears that we'll have to wear white in the Celestial Kingdom and not be able to eat or sleep. Ha. The members here have been so welcoming and so kind.

We have a lot of investigators here as well and I still haven't met a bunch of them. Everyone has been busy this week, so that means that we've been doing a ton of contacting all week. My favorite. Just kidding, I'm liking it more and more. This week, we tried to think of something to make contacting more fun. But we didn't really come up with anything. However, a bunch of little funny contacting things happened this week.

We were talking to this one lady outside of her house who was blowdrying her little dog and she had another dog (a beagle) that was continually jumping up on me. I would kind of gently push him down and then he'd immediately jump on me again. So then I tried discreetly stepping on his leash so that he would stop, but I think it made him mad, so I had to stop doing that. I started talking to another lady outside of 7-11 and she was so happy to be talking to me, and started singing me a song about Jesus that she learned when she was little. Ha, hilarious. I was talking to this guy who got all busy and stressed when he realized I was a missionary, but he still gave me his number and he wrote down his English name "Enix", but told me it was pronounced "Anus." Oh, man, trying so hard not to crack up. Oh, and we received a referral for a guy who's English name is Tiny Yu. Ha, so great.

English class = hilarious. There were a bunch of people in my class - like 8 or something. I don't even know how to describe the funniness of it. There were a few people who's English was awesome and then these 2 little kids, whose English wasn't as good. Anyway, so I was having them play 2 truths and a lie (ps, does anyone have ideas of games or other things for English class - seriously running out of ideas!) and the little boy was like (he's like 12 or younger), "Okay, I can drive a car..." And the class was busting up! Like, everyone was cracking up, and I was trying so hard not to laugh too hard because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. And then later, he went again and said, "I can drive an airplane..." Ha, so funny. Tsai Jiemei told me that his mom put her kids into our class because she heard us laughing in there (before he got there) and so she thought our class seemed more fun. Ha, true.

Oh, also my childhood friend is in my ward here. So weird!

Also, Zhong Li has an awesome night market every night. I love it. I will try to take pictures soon.

Pictures are all from Zhubei - my last Sunday and Xin Zhun's baptism.

Love you all dearly!




Allison - thank you for that long email. Loved it! I wrote a letter, and will send it this week!

Celia - I still neeeed your address. Send it to me asap!

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