Monday, March 19, 2012

March 18, 2012 (Zhongli-2)

Li Yiqi with her mom and us at the baptism

Hey, everyone!

So, my cousin Kayla is engaged and brother Niels got his mission call to Morristown, New Jersey, Spanish speaking! I'm so excited for both of them, and also dying a little bit right now!

Guess what happened this week? Okay, so this week, we went to go meet with a new investigator and she lived kinda out in the boonies. Like, the place where we went, there were a bunch of people sitting out on their porches (there's no porches in the city), and there were 3 dogs. One was a terrifying beagle in a cage (he was going crazy - like ready to kill someone), one was a black dog on a chain, and one was this tan kinda big dog on no leash. They were all barking and kinda wild. So, as we were biking my the tan one runs up to my bike, gets really close to me, and then chomps! Bites my skirt and tears a huuge rip in it! You guys, terrifying! And hilarious! I let out a pathetic, soft "ahh!" and kept biking fast away. The owners started yelling at the dog, and I just booked it away. You guys! Could've been my thigh! Tsai Jiemei was cracking up, and my garments were totally showing! Luckily I had a clip, so I clipped my skirt closed for the rest of the bike ride home. The bike ride home, I was totally disheveled because my skirt kept gettting caught in my chain and the clip kept slipping, etc. So one time when I had to stop Tsai Jiemei didn't hear me yell after her. So, apparently this lady on a scooter (who I said hi to for 2 seconds at a stoplight - we contact every time we are stopped at a light) went up ahead to Tsai Jiemei and told her to stop. Anyway, we ended up having a lesson with her and she is now our new investigator! So probably meant to be that Freaky Chomper McChomperson bit my skirt! Heavenly Father really helped us meet our new investigator goal this week. When the week was almost over, we were so far from our goal, but then we were able to get a ton at the end of the week. Awesome!

Okay, English class this week. Ah, hilarious! So we played a game where they got in pairs and one was blindfolded and had to go through an obstacle course and the other one would give directions. So I paired up a really good speaker with an okay speaker, and most of the good speakers were the ones blindfolded. Ha! It was hilarious! I loved when the speakers would accidentally tell their person to keep walking straight and then they'd walk into the wall! Gah, I was cracking up. Another guy was doing these fast shuffle steps, and totally looked like he was in a computer game. So funny. After that, we taught a lesson on Lehi's dream of the tree of life and talked about how the gospel and the Holy Ghost give us stability and direction. It was awesome! When I was writing in my journal that night, I kept cracking up and Tsai Jiemei was like, "Your English class members definitely don't know how much happiness they bring you." Ha, for reals!

Oh, also! I taught the class some slang. And one thing I taught them was "bro" and "brobro" - shout out to Trev4 and Emily Brown. They thought Brobro was funny, even though I don't even think it's real American slang, and even though I can't really say it in true Trevor voice.

Our little 11-year-old, Li Yi Qi, got baptized this week. She was so cute and so happy and excited. She talked about how since she's started praying, she can really tell how Heavenly Father helps her life. Her mom wants to get baptized, as well, and will hopefully get baptized soon.

We had special training on how to use the Book of Mormon better in contacting and teaching which I am excited about. The Book of Mormon truly is so powerful, and Tsai Jiemei has been telling me how people really don't progress if they're not reading the Book of Mormon. I really love the Book of Mormon and know that it is true. At the beginning, Nephi talks about how everything he writes is true. I loved reading that and then chapter 11, where he sees Christ and testifies of Him. Wah, so cool. Love it so much.

Love you all so much! Thanks so much for all you do!



Natalie with a little ward friend


Ariel! Loved your loooong email!! I will write you soon!! Slash sent you a letter the other day. Hope you get it soon!

Jessica Day! Love your cutie baby Daisy! Thanks so much for sending pics!

Celia! I still need your/your parents' address. I have a letter I haven't sent...

Kimster: Still waiting for that cutie Valentine's letter, hint hint. Miss you! (remember that?)

Allison! Hope master's thesising is going okay. You are a rockstar, for reals.

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