Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012 (Zhongli-4)

Beloved family and friends,

This week we had a lesson with one of our investigators who has a problem with the word of wisdom. Last time when we taught it, she was like, no way, there is absolutely no way I can't drink tea and that tea is equal to air for her. So when we met with her again, we encouraged her and talked about faith and blessings that come from keeping commandments. She said she understands, but still no way. So then we knelt down to say a closing prayer, but she didn't say anything. She just started saying her own prayer and stayed on her knees for thirty minutes! And that tile was hard and cold; I had to change positions like 14 times, but she just stayed on her knees. When she finished, she said, "Okay, I'll try and do it." We were stoked. Unfortunately, she has drinken tea since then, but I do think her desire to follow is stronger and we'll keep working with her.

This week I had exchanges in Taoyuan, which was fun and we knocked on a door and had a first lesson with an awesome lady and her son.

This week we also went to Taipei to do temple tours. Temple tours is like the most tiring day ever, but also awesome. I really love being in the temple chapel. There is tons of art work and it just has a more sacred feeling, I think. Luckily, we ended up having tons of tours, which is awesome. If we don't have tours, then we are finding all day long and trying to get people to come. We had a bunch of awesome tours. The elders brought their investigator who has missed her baptism date. At the end of our tour, we talked about baptism and Tsai Jiemei bore a powerful testimony and the woman was like, "Yeah, I really do know all of this is so true and I will work hard to get baptized." It was cool. Tsai Jiemei can connect to people so well. She was Buddhist before getting baptized, so she always tells people. A lot of peole say, "Sorry, Buddhist, not interested." And Tsai Jiemei can bear her experience, and a lot of people listen to her. She is awesome. We also had a tour with this cutie kind of old couple from another part of Taiwan. They were really in awe of the temple and the grounds and willingly had a tour with us. We gave another tour to another one of the elder's investigator, and afterwards, he sat on the temple grounds and read the Book of Mormon for like an hour! Wah. And our wonderful mission president brought us a bag of these delicious little orange fruits called pi pa.

This week, we had a lesson with our investigator, her sister, her sister's little 3 year old boy, and their little fluffy brown poodle named Baby. This is how the lesson went from my point of view:

Little boy banging the tile floor and/or coffee table with a hammer, hard. So loud.

Baby runs up to Boy and jumps on him. He hugs Baby. Then starts hitting Baby. Baby runs away.

Baby goes to table and takes a bite of Boy's noodles.

Mom scold baby.

Boy runs to table and starts eating noodles.

Baby steals a sucker.

Mom wrestles sucker away.

Boy starts using his chopsticks to put noodles from bowl into the ash tray.

Baby steals sucker, again.

Boy starts to precariously put huge bowl of noodles towards his mouth to drink.

Mom scolds Baby who has chowed down on sucker.

Boy sees dog-eaten sucker on table. Starts trying to eat it.

Boy bangs hard on tile with hammer. Gets scolded.

Boy plays with my scripture case. Next thing I know, he has a huge pair of scissors and is trying to cut my case. I interrupt lesson to retrieve case.

Baby starts jumping all over me, trying to gnaw on my coat sleeve. I grab her and put her on my lap and hold her very tightly against me as I try to tell Mom to importance of going to church and how great Primary is.

Boy starts chopsticking noodles into the top part of his bottle.

I was so distracted, and really have no clue what was said during the lesson. I didn't even realize how hilarious it all was until I was writing it in my journal later.

Also, English class this week consisted of a conversation on dating, and me getting ropped into telling story of my first kiss. So embarrassing. The class was loving it. They also said funny things like, "My friend was on the bus and saw a spicy girl" and "Yeah, you know, if you see a hot mama..." I told them those things sounded weird. Ha, so funny.

Pictures - this week we contacted at Prince Street.

Delicious Chinese medicine soup. These awesome really skinny noodles with huge pork ribs and medicine tastes sort of nutmeg-ish. Super delicious. Tsai Jiemei said she feels like a dog whenever she eats it - I took a pic of our huge bone pile.

I love you all so much! Thanks for the emails. They sustain me so much and really help me feel of your support.




Allison! Do.not.even.feel.bad. Ha, I feel like I haven't written you in forever, so I was feeling all bad. Good luck thesising - you totally rock. Heather will love it, for sure. Have you gone to Seattle already? Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! Love you.

Aunt Bonnie! Yay! Loved getting an email from you! Thanks for the updates. Love you!

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