Friday, April 20, 2012

April 15, 2012, Rockin' Zhongli (Zhongli-6)

So many great things happened this week. First of all, I LOVE Sister Chen. Seriously, we have way too much fun together. We are always cracking up.

We had lots of getting lost and lots of consulting our all-in-Chinese map, which Sister Chen can kind of read. One day we biked forever, trying to get to this one park and it was so hot and we finally got to the park and there were only like ten people there. And that day, we had really high goals because we were just contacting all day. But the day was just going to slow and we weren't meeting any goals. But, then that night it amazingly picked up. We went to the University area and it was miracle city! So many people talked with us and we got a few potentials. Then after that, we went knocking. I feel like sometimes knocking doesn't give very much success, but I still think it's important because it's a different dynamic of people. So, like the second house I knocked on, this guy - a dad - came out. His daughter was standing away from us on the doorstep, so the dad didn't have interest - he left while I was in mid-sentence, and sent his 13-year-old daughter out to talk to me. And then the 17-year-old son came out, too. We had a quick lesson and they totally had interest. Last night, we visited them again and the lesson went awesome! The Spirit was totally there (I'm realizing more and more that if they can't feel the Spirit, there's hardly any reason they'll want to meet again) and they both set baptizmal dates. It was so great. I feel so bi-polar on a mission. One second, we're having no success and I'm like, "Ah, man!" and then an hour later, we meet someone awesome and I'm totally stoked.

We also have an awesome new investigator, who has two little boys. Her name is Gu Jiemei. Our other new investigator is named Dong Jiemei and she is so childlike and sweet and has such strong desires to do good. Another one (Zong Si Ying) is preparing to be baptized in a couple weeks. Things are going really good here.

We also did temple tours this week, which I absolutely love. (Shout-out to MOA friends, this is totally making me a better future MOA tour giver.) The Spirit at the temple chapel is always super strong, and people can feel it as soon as they walk in. When they walk in the church, they sort of let a little breath out, like they can just feel the Spirit. Our tours were so awesome. We met with one sharp young guy who was just interested to learn about the church and what we believe but didn't want to meet with missionaries. We found out that his dad had recently died and he really misses him, so we geared our whole tour around eternal families and temple and it was awesome. He started crying and talked about how much he misses his dad, and I loved being able to testify that we really will see our familes again. After the tour, he was totally willing to meet with missionaries. The only fail was when we showed this little family a pioneer video that had nothing to do with our tour, and it ultra confused them. "Wait, so those three men started your church?" and "What did that old guy have to do with these pioneers?" Ah, stressful and kind of funny.

Also, this week while stopped at a light, I was contacting a guy on a scooter with his two little kids. After talking for a couple seconds, he started trying to give me 300 dollars and telling me to go buy a duck from this roadside stand. (There are road side stands all around, with a ton of whole cooked ducks hanging up.) So I was vehemently protesting, "No no no no!" And then he pulled his scooter over, went and bought a duck, and then gave it to us. And then drove away. We were like, "whaaat?" So funny. Then we got to our investigator's house and Wu Jiemei, a sister from the ward had arrived and were like, "Guess what just happened?!" And tried telling her, but we were talking fast and didn't know the word for duck, so Sister Chen was making duck noises and Wu Jiemei thought we had a live duck in my bike and it was just so funny.

Yesterday I was contacting this man and Sister Chen came up to meet him and she started to go shake his hand and say, "Can I...?" And trailed off, (because she doesn't know how to say that) while reaching her hand towards his hand. But then he didn't shake her hand, so she kept inching her hand forward until she forced his flattened-holding-phamplet hand to do a fist pump with her. So hilarious and so awkward. I've been imitating her doing that since it happened. Cracking up every time.

Oh, we had dinner with an investigator this week, and it was so stressful because she was talking in so much fast Chinese. Chen Jiemei was trying not to crack up at how pant breathy I was getting. It was like this, "Oh, are you used to soup in Taiwan? What do you eat in America? Beef? BEEF? Do you eat tons of beef in America? Help yourselves!!!", while piling food on our plates and telling us to try something, while something else is in our mouth. So funny.

We also ate so much delicious food this week. I'll tell you more about delicious food later. Sister Chen and I both love to eat too much - it's bad. We made a resolution that we are no longer allowed to say, "If you eat it, I'll eat it." We always say that to each other, and then end up eating everything. So funny. I love her so much.

Okay, I'm peacing out. The church is true. heavenly Father loves all of us so much. Looove you all so much I can't even stand it.

Love, Natalie

Pictures! Picture of me with Chinese woman and man is Sister Wu and her husband. We are really close to her and her husband is our MM leader. There is a picture of cars, and if you look close, it's me talking to a scooter boy about the gospel. There is a picture of me and Sister Chen with some people and I"m holding a bag - you better believe there is a free duck in that bag! I think I put a picture of me and Sister Chen eating chocolate cake and me with a blank progress record. Oh, that pic of the dummy - they use those creepy dummy things on construction sites and they freak me out.

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  1. Hey Natalie
    This is Lucky!! It seems you have a wonderful life there. Good for you. I will go back to China next Tue. Come to visit me !! Haha 人家好想念你!!好爱你!! Translate! I just wanna test your Chinese :P