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April 8, 2012 (Zhongli-5) Scariest News in the World

Natalie and companion Sister Tsai

Okay, ready for the biggest/most terrifying news of the century?

President Grimley called me on move call day and said, "Sister Christensen, are you sitting down?"

I was like, "Yeah..."

And he was like, "You should be..." And he was kinda stalling, so I was like, "president Grimley! I'm nervous, hurry and talk!"

And he said, "Do you know a sister Victoria Chen?" (We started our missions together and her little sister and Niels are good friends.)

I told him I loved her and then he was like, "Good! She's coming to ZhongLi and you are both going to be co-senior companions."

So I was confused, thinking there was going to be another missionary coming along, as well, and so I asked President Grimley who else was coming and he was like, "Wait, what do you mean?" And I was like, "Oh! Like, just me and Sister Chen, senior companions?" And he was like, "Yes!"

You guys, YOU GUYS, terrified. Sister Chen is an American Taiwanese. Her parents stopped speaking Chinese to her when she was little so that'd she would know English. She's taken some Chinese in college and I'm for sure banking on her Chinese being better than mine, but we're still like brand new baby missionaries. I feel kind of freaked out, but also really good. I love Sister Chen and I know she is a rockstar missionary. While I was watching conference, I had the thought that my faith needs to be in Jesus Christ, not in Sister Chen's Chinese being better or in the investigators liking me as much as Tsai Jiemei, etc. Sometimes I get all fearful instead of faithful, like when I was pouring over the all Chinese map (aka, I cannot read anything on it) of ZhongLi with Tsai Jiemei last night or when our investigators tell Tsai Jiemei, "Oh, no! Who will help me get baptized now that you are leaving?!" (Seriously guys? C'mon. Just kidding.) I mostly feel good (even though I sorta feel like this will be a glorified MTC experience, ha) and I definitely know that this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do and if He trusts me and Sister Chen, then we can totally do it. I know this will be a huge time of learning and growth for me. Plus, this last week, we've had a ton of awesome people. An English class referral who already wants to get baptized and didn't understand the point of having lessons with us because she already knows she wants to get baptized. A woman who came to general conference with her two little boys - she is still a mystery to me. She said elders invited her, but it wasn't any of our elders. We're meeting with her this week. And a couple good people from contacting, who will maybe hopefully become our investigators. Heavenly Father is definitely watching out for me. I know this will be a time of immense growth and learning, and I'm excited for the tutelage I am getting/will continue to get from on high. But, with all that being said, pray really hard for me 'cause I'm still pant-breathing over all of it.

Speaking of General Conference, I'm happy to announce that the your team/my team game was alive and well here in Taiwan. While watching the young women conference, there was a choir of all young women. Tsai Jiemei leaned over to me, and said, "They're all on my team." Then one cute girl was fixing her shirt really noticeably while the camera was on her, and Tsai Jiemei leaned over to me and said, "She is your team." Haha! And the elders loved it as well, and kept exchanged glances with me as the camera would pan. Too good. And in my English class last week, I talked about prophets and general conference and invited them to come. This man named Bill totally came to Taoyuan (a neighboring city kinda far away) and ZhongLi to watch conference. Awesome!

We met a cute man and his family a couple weeks ago while knocking doors, and we still haven't had a lesson, but we've dropped by a couple times. His wife just had a baby (#4) and she is at her parents' now with the baby for like a month, so he's a lone parent right now. We dropped by last night to set up an appointment or hopefully teach a lesson, but we ended up going in and helping him clean the kitchen because he was trying to get it all cleaned up. It was just so fun and I was so happy last night. Proves that you're happy when you're serving. Hopefully him and his cutie family will become our investigators, as well. Oh, and we found out he is actually our church member. The details are a little fuzzy, but he said he got baptized because he accepts all Gods, so figures he should accept an American God, as well. We'll definitely talk to him about that and try to help him understand.

This week for English class (we had a ton of people come), and I made them play this game like telephone, except that every other person had to act something out. (Totally just love making them act things out.) They were all confused, because I was also confused and at one point, a man yelled out, "Confusion!" ha! So they finally got it and we played the game, and after I was like, "I know you all hate me for making you act things out, but it was fun right?" and they were all like, "Yeah, that was really fun! Where did you learn that game?" I said, "I sort of made it up." And this one guy was like, "You are a genius!" Ha, so good.

All right, I think that's all for this week. Love you all so much.




Celia, I wrote you a letter, but I still don't have your address, so I sent it to my parents. Let me know when you get it.

Tara! I got your beautiful letter - all the missionaries were obsessing over how cool/beautiful it is (I mean, wax seal and everything!) I also wrote you back! So hopefully this weekish you'll get a letter from me. Love you so much!

Mariko! Mariko! Yes! I loved hearing from you!! Harrison looks so much like Austin - so cutester! Love you!

Kimi and Analyn and Kristin Petersen: Got your letters, but haven't read them yet. Today I will! Can't wait! Thanks for sending. Love you all.

Ling Yiqi

Sister Tsai with investigators

Our investigator Zong Siying and her friend

Members and investigators

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