Sunday, April 22, 2012

The theme for this week: Helmets and Raincoats (Zhongli-7)

This week was so good. I love hanging out with Sister Chen so much! We really have so much fun together.

English class this week, I had them play, "Do you love your neighbor"? And I was cracking up because one guy's english is really energetic, like fast bursts of words. I can't explain it. Anyway, he'd be like, "I love .... everyone... they is WEARING... A ... RED SHIRT!!", and as he is stumbling words out, he'd get closer to the one person wearing a red shirt, but everyone would be like, "Huh?!" So funny. I was cracking up. He's so cute. They're English really is so good.

This week we had tons of fun adventures, including an EARTHQUAKE. It was little, but lasted like 10 seconds, we think. While were in our 9th floor apartment during companion study. Exciting.

Taiwan people = nicest ever ever. This week, we tried to visit a Relief Society President during lunch so we could discuss people who need help in the ward. And she lives far away. And we were a little unsure how to get there, actually really unsure. So while we were stopped at this light, looking at our map, this guy asked where we were going, so we told him. And then this other man on a scooter, was just like, "Hey, you can just follow me; I'll take you there." (In the states I would never follow some random scooter man, ob.v., but here people are so nice and not potential kidnappers.) anyway, so we followed him all the way to her neighborhood and then before he left, he gave us this big 16 pack of pudding. What?! So nice. Then later that night, a ward member called us and Chen Jiemei had a stressful phone conversation because she was just yelling telling us to go to the night market, so we ran over there really quick. And she loaded us up with cakes, bread, and these gushy gummie things (oh, my the gummy texture things here, aka everything they eat, too die for!) Anyway, people here - way too nice.

Okay, we have a super golden, wonderful investigator named Dong Jiemei. Oh, man, she's so good. In the short time we've been meeting with her, she has progressed so much. She has totally been reading the Book of Mormon, and marked tons of things in it. And she's just so good - she doesn't even want to pray to know if things are true, because she says she already knows. (We told her to still pray about it to strengthen her testimony.) But, she's so humble and child-like and just so good. She's been telling us taht her son also really wants to meet with us and get baptized, but he's so busy, literally has no time. But then this week, he met with elders and also started reading the Book of Mormon. Dong JM called us the next day and whenever we see her, she says she is "so-so" or "same old, same old". But this day she called us and told us how happy she is and that her and her son are already having better relationships and it's all because of Heavenly Father and His influence in their life. Ahhh, so great. A mission gets hard and discouraging and tons of people reject you, but then you meet golden people who really want the gospel, and you get to see people change and their lives change because of the true gospel and the Book of Mormon and it makes everything worth it (including mosquito bite scars, weight gain, etc.) Also, another cool thing about a mission is that I just feel so much more love and charity than I have in my life. I feel like my investigators are my kids almost, we worry about them and care about them so much.

Yesterday, we met with our cutie 17-year-old investigator who is getting baptized really soon. And she's so good - like such a hard worker, works all the time (I think has kind of a hard family situation), and is always super tired, but always comes to church and keeps all the commandments, etc. Yesterday she told us she didn't want to get baptized anymore. Our hearts just about broke and we asked her why, and she said she was tired and didn't know if she could keep keeping all the commandments, etc. We talked about through baptism and gift of the Holy Ghost, she would have more strength and power. Oh, and she also said sometimes she didn't feel like Heavenly Father is a loving God. So I felt like I should tell her about my mom's accident and as soon as I started talking, I started crying. (Doing tones while crying = impossible.) But, it was good, because I really felt like the Spirit was guiding me and my words and what I said. I talked about how we all have agency, and God could have stopped that man from hitting my mom, but He didn't because we have agency and He understands things we don't. So I was able to bear testimony of God's love for us, even when things are hard and we have trials. And that our highest goal is living with God and our families again, and so we'll do anything to be able to live with Him and our families again. Anyway, she's so good and really has such a strong testimony and at the end of our lesson was talking about how she wants her friend to be able to just believe in God. Anyway, she says she still wants to get baptized, so we'll keep working with her.

Last night during a lesson, Chen JM chose to sing "Let us oft speak kind words" (no clue why, weird song) and singing it without piano, so we started getting way off tune and then we were cracking up, like could NOT stop laughing, and still trying to sing, so it just sounded so ugly. Thankfully, our investigator started laughing too. So we had a little bonding with her.

All right, love you all. Brothers, write me better and longer letters.

Love, Natalie

Ps, pictures, probably self-explanatory. Elevator picture - at the end of the day, we always look terrible, esp with raincoats and helmets and carrying tons of stuff.

Emily Brown! I love you and I got your letter and music, which I am IN LOVE WITH. And congrats on mission call - RUSSIA! Ahhh, Russian so beautiful. You'll be so good.
Allison! Good luck with thesis-ing. You're so great!
Ariel! Wah, loved your loong email. Thank you! I'll write you back asap.
Emily Larson! Miss you.
Celia! Got your emai, thank you!! I sent a letter to you, via my family. Maybe call Niels and make sure you get it.
Erin! Did you get my letter?
Tara Jibster! Did you get my letter?
Love you all so much!
Cousin Addison: Write me.

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