Monday, May 7, 2012

May 6, 2012 (Zhongli-9)

Me and Chen JM with our AWESOME investigator Cai JM

You guys!

This week, we did temple tours. I love doing temple tours, even though they are always kind of stressful. We had no set-ups, so we were outside trying to find people to give tours to all day. We carry a big book of temple pictures and try to get people to look at it, or try to bring them inside for tours. So, we were outside the temple and Sister Chen went to talk to this one person and the next person who walked by was a not-Taiwanese person, and I kind of hate talking to people not from Taiwan, because they are kind of scary and often negative towards religion, but since he was the only guy on the street (with a Taiwanese person), I had to go talk to him. And, so funny, because I walked up and started to say hi, and he was like, "Why are you so happy?!" And I started to say something about the gospel making me happy, and he was like, "No, seriously, why are you so happy?" And he kept being like, "Seriously, you are kind of overwhelming me, you need to calm down." He was actually really funny/nice about it (like smiling, and laughing), but it was making me crack up so I was trying to calm down. Anyway, he is from Spain and we all talked in Chinese, so his Chinese had an interesting accent. I also met this lady on the street, and we totally bonded. I taught her how to pray and she was totally like, "Ah, this feeling! It's so cool. I can't explain it." So cool to see people have that reaction to prayer. BUT, then she totally wouldn't set-up or give me her number. I was like, "C'mon! You felt it!" But she wouldn't. Bummer. She was so cute and funny though.

In other news, our cutie Chen children dropped us, actually their parents dropped us, because they want them to focus on school and stuff. Sad.

We have an awesome investigator who is a recent convert's good friend. Ah, she's so good. She is so cute and happy. It's so cute, because some investigators tell us that every time they see us/get to meet with us, they are just so happy and excited. It's so great to see people so happy about the gospel.

Okay, weirdest thing (MOA friends, listen up), I was on the train with a bunch of missionaries headed to stake conference and I saw this big tall blond guy who looked kind of familiar, and then I saw Laura Clayton behind him!!! I know, right?! I was so shocked to see her. And seriously, huge coincidence that we were in the same train, in the same train car at the same time. So weird. Her husband served here, so they were visiting.

That's all that happened this week! I love you all dearly!!

Love, Natalie

KIMI and ALLISON! I loooved getting your huge emails and tons of cute pictures! You both make me want short hair. I can't wait to write you guys back!
Emily! Sooo stoked to get your big letter - I'll for sure let you know when I get it! Make sure you tell me your mission address.
Danny! Sooo excited to hear from you and so stoked and Vycci is pregnant! I'll remember you guys in my prayers!
Courtney CB Petersen! Yesss! Got your letter. Ate it up. So good. I'll write you soooon.
Sister Grandma Esther Wynder! Ahhh, loved getting your little note. And I love that you sent Sister Chen a postcard. We totally talk about you all the time. 

1. Me and Laura Clayton, moa friend. I'm nice and red.
2. That pig freaked me out for reals.
3. Me and Cai JM on an old street in Taoyuan.
4. Always sweaty and disheveled.

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