Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 10, 2012 (Zhongli-14)

This week:

- We taught the Word of Wisdom a few times, and everyone received it really well. I'm always a little nervous to teach word of wisdom - I'm a huge baby missionary, but little by little getting more bold. Anyway, with one girl, we had a mom in our ward be the member present. She was saying (in her own words) how her two oldest daughters are skinny and follow the word of wisdom and her youngest chubby daughter doesn't follow the word of wisdom. It was so funny because our investigator has this cute high voice, and she was like, "Oh, yeah, big difference!" But in Chinese it sounded so much funnier. Also, I LOVE commandments. I've never not liked commandments, but I've never had any special feelings towards them, but I really love commandments. They're so simple, and if you follow them, you get tons of blessings, you're protected, safe, and happy. And if you don't, you don't get the blessings and you're not nearly as happy as you could be. And I think sometimes I'm scared to commit peple to live commandments, because I'm scared they won't get the blessings. But the thing is, the blessings are not coming from me, they're coming from God. So it's impossible to not get the blessings attached to a certain commandment. I was talking to one of the elders about one of his converts. She is the oldest of 8 kids, and has to work to help take care of them. One time talking to them, she was really upset, saying how she was never going to have a life of her own, and she was sad, etc. Anyway, she ended up getting baptized, and after that, got a new better paying job so she only had to work one job instead of two, so she had way more time. Then she started thinking about going to college (she's like 26 or something and has never been), then she decided to go on a mission, and she started her mission this week. It was so inspiring for me to hear. Heavenly Father loves us and has plans for us greater than we can imagine for ourselves. He wants to lead us, if we will let Him. I know this is true, even though sometimes it's hard to apply. How do you guys think we submit our will to God's and let him lead us?

- The people here are sooo good and so kind. The members give us bread, fruit, snacks all the time. The other day, we had a teenager in our ward be a member at a lesson, and after I was complaining to her about how hot Taiwan is and she left and came running back a few minutes later with a handful of ice cream bars. I felt like such a baby - but, seriously, these people are some of the best in the world.

- This week we went to our super awesome investigator Cai Jiemei's house for her little boy's birthday party. She is practically a member, but can't get baptized right now because of some family protests. (That's a really common problem for people not getting baptized here.) In the bday picture, she is the one on the far right. Her little boys are the two cute/funny boys in the front.

- This week we helped some recent converts/newly weds paint their new apartment. So fun.

- Faj, I have an investigator from Nanjing! We talked about Fuzi Miao.

- Hm, we have a new investigator who I met on a college campus the other day. She said she recently attended a Buddhist acticity/retreat thing and a bunch of people there said they had seen  Buddah, so she was kind of confused about truth and what truth is and how do you know if things are truth, etc. Anyway, she is very Buddhist, so felt hesitant about praying because it conflicts with her Buddhist believes, but I thought her background was interesting. Hopefully we'll get to keep meeting with her.

- Sorry, my emails are boring lately. Pressuse = huge because Niels' emails are awesome and powerful and spiritual and hilarious.

I love you all so much!!

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  1. Natalie! You are such a DOLL! So glad to get a peek at your missionary life. You are still the same spunky, fabulous girl.