Friday, June 29, 2012

June 24, 2012 (Zhongli-15)

Natalie and first three companions
Okay, so first, big, scary news. I am training next transfer. Terrified. Sister Chen is also training. We were at the mission office last week, and President called us both into his office to tell us. But, we're actually both staying in this area. Right now we cover 2 areas/2 wards - Zhong Li and Pin Zheng, but we can't focus on Pin Zheng very well, because we're always in Zhong Li. Also, our apartment is super tiny, so we're moving to a big apartment, and having four girls live there (way too much fun!). Sister Chen and her new comp will be in Pin Zheng and me and my new comp will be in Zhong Li. I'm so terrified to train and already feel bad for my trainee so pray lots for me! Also, my Chinese - still super rough. I'm super glad I'll still be close to Sister Chen and can get help training and finding stuff on maps, etc.

The Zhong Li ward has a ton of awesome investigators and a bunch of people progressing towards baptism. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll have a couple baptisms. We will see. We have one awesome cutie girl named Jia Yu and she's just doing so good and progressing so much towards baptism. She has such a strong testimony already and has shared some of her spiritual experiences with us and it's been so good to hear. She always prays and reads the Book of Mormon, and those things are totally key for gaining a testimony. If people won't do those things, then they won't know these things and they won't progress. But, if they do those simple things, they will progress and know these super invaluable truths for themselves.

This week we had typhoon warnings but no typhoon. We secretly kind of wanted one. A safe one. This week, I got told that I look pregnant (AHHHH!) and Sister Chen got mistaken for a man! Wahhha, I was cracking up.

This week, we also attended a special training meeting for the sisters - temple tour training. The temple sisters are rocking - they're sort of like the female assistants to the President, so we had an awesome training meeting with them and I got to see my 2 past companions. Picture is with my three companions. Seriously, I've had the best companions ever! Love them all so much. And I was especially happy to see my matching-soul companion, Tsai jiemei (on the left side of photo.)

My mission president is leaving this week/next week. A little bit sad. He's been so awesome and really influential on my mission.

Also, having a little insecurity about how AWESOME Niels is. Thank goodness I'm the only girl, so I don't have to try to be cooler than Niels. What a good missionary. And hilarious letters. Friends, you should read Niels' mission blog. So good. So funny.

Allison Sligting- could you log onto my fb and try and get Talisa Vistaunet's address for me? Thank you! Also, love you and loved getting your email. Thanks for always being nice about my frumpy outfits.
Kimi- Yesss! Loved getting your email - thanks for all the rich updates. love you so much.
Ariel - write meeee! love you/miss you immensely.
Zoe Mia - haven't heard from you in foreverrrrr. write meeee.
FINN, i need Bentley's address. Spanks.
COURTNEY CUTE BABY, Daniel wrote me back! Yeah! He totally got my letter, so no worries about talking to him for me. He had a funny Krishnayya story.

Other pictures:
Seasame noodles from this place I love in Taipei. Restaurant picture is the same place. Sister Chen in the same place.

My district

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