Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 3, 2012 (Zhongli-13)

I love how easy it is for me to love people here, especially our investigators. I just love them so much. But sometimes when people reject me on the streets, I get so ticked. So I'm trying to have more charity and really love everyone. I think the power of prayer and the Atonement are so cool. It's so hard to change ourselves on our own, but with the power of prayer and atonement, we have all this ability and power to change. Especially with loving people. So many times I have prayed to love someone, and then it just happens. I love them. It's so cool.

This week we judged an English competition and the kids were so funny. They read memorized poems. The first kid was like, "I had a SUCK, but I couldn't find IT!" And we were like, suck? Then we realized he was saying sock. Ha, so cute. I feel like lately when I speak here, people are like, "Huh?!" Ha, so overwhelming. Faji, I think my Chinese really is progressing. I understand a lot more. I'm on the phase 2 of language, so I'm memorizing like 2000 vocab words or something like that. So that helps with listening. I feel overwhelmed by Chinese, but that's okay. I also wake up 30 min early every day (usually) so that I can have extra study time. (Don't put that on my vlog, sounds pretentious. Hey, is the blog and pictures getting updated okay? Thanks for doing all that.) I need to pray more for my language to improve.

We have an investigator named Zhuang Zhu An (don't put whole name on blog). She's like 20 and so cute and so great. She loves us and we LOVE her. She's super sincere and really wants to figure this whole religion thing out. Sunday was her first time coming to church. She told me she lost $1000 and she told Heavenly Father if she found it, she would come to church. She ended up finding it, but then on Sunday was super tired and frustrated about some stuff. But, because she promised God, she totally came to church. She's so cute. She wants happiness in her life and we talked about how that is what God wants for us too. So great.

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Ochoa (degrey knows her from mtc), and since she is newer, I took her to eat tons of delicious food. Pictures included.

Our ice cream shop investigators are awesome and came to a ward party thing on Sunday night.

This week, I feel a little overwhelmed about being a missionary. Sometimes I feel like I have this big weight of souls on my heart and my shoulders and when our investigators or other people aren't doing well, I feel, not like it's my fault, but that there's a lot more I can/should be doing for them. Ah. But, that's why we have Christ and the Atonement. I feel like I constantly need to re-center my faith on Christ, and not on myself or my own abilities.

Last night, we were contacting (knocking) and walked past a scary dog. He started barking and coming towards us, and I was freaked, but we walked away quickly. Then, we accidentally walked past AGAIN, and he started coming towards us and Chen jm was like, RUN! So we booked it and I was FREAKED. Little chomperson trying to nip my ankles. That's all about that. (It didn't end up chasing us.)

picturesss. I can't see them right now. Some are my favorite foods. One is Chen jm contacting. One is the view from our apartment window.

Love you all so much, I can't even stand it. Jealous that you're all doing the coolest things ever!

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