Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mini Update, May 27, 2012 (Zhongli-12)

Dearest family and friends,

I have nothing to write about this week. Here is a list of stuff:
1. The food here! Ah, too good. Sister Chen and I are a little stressed about our weight-gain (you better believe my family pointed it out when I was on the phone with them. Niels: "Natalie! Dad saw a picture of you and said it looks like you're gaining weight!" The Faj Mahal: "What? I did not! He is fabricating my words!") so we have been steaming brown rice and vegetables. It is bland and delicious. Then the elders see us eating cake and make fun of us.
2. Sister Chen trying to airplane-game give food to the elders when we don't want to finish something. Hilarious.
3. Also. The food = so beautiful. See pictures.
4. We sometimes forget that the things missionaries do are super awkward. For example, our training this month has been on commitments and following up. (We've been so much better on following up-aka calling people to see how their prayers and going - kind of awkward, but awesome-and it's been super worth all the awkwardness because it really does help people progress.) Anyway, I asked one of our members to follow up with one of our investigators and ask her how her prayers and going and our member told me she felt so bad/uncomfortable doing that, and I remembered that missionaries actually are kind of weird and do weird things. In my real life, I would definitely never call someone I met for 30 minutes to ask them how their prayers are going. Ha.
5. Niels sent me an email from mtc. So hilarious. Oh, man. He is so funny.
6. In general, our investigators are doing so good! Reading their scriptures, praying, coming to church. So happy.
7. We do church tours a lot for our finding, and this week we ended up having a tour/lesson with a drunk man and his sister. When we were praying the drunk man was like, "I feel it! I feel something!" And Dong Jiemei (our most recent convert) was there and she was kind of cracking up and I was too. So funny.
8. We did temple tours this week! Love temple tours. We only gave tours to members this week.
9. I bought a new blazer and short sleeved t-shirts. I am not so blazing hot now. I still love shopping.
10. I tried translating in Relief Society for our American friend, Michelle, who is here adopting 3 Taiwanese kids. I realized I actually still don't understand a ton of stuff. But, my Chinese is getting a teeny bit better.

Okay, that's all I can think of for this week. Wah, love you all so much!!
Love, Natalie

Allison Sligting- thanks for your sweet email. What is your parents' address? I want to start sending stuff there, maybe.
Bentley Snow- thanks for your beautiful email! Ah, your writing, so good. Strengthened my testimony of God's love for us.
Tara Jibson- WHERE ARE YOU? I want to send you a letter. Where should I send to?
Nicole - got your letter!! flower basket boutique? So fun!

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