Sunday, July 1, 2012

1 July 2012 (Zhongli-16)

New greenies

All right everyone, I have an exciting announcement. I CAN SPEAK CHINESE. I mean, I still don't know if I feel confident enough to add it to the facebook languages I can speak, but you guys, seriously so stoked! I think Heavenly Father is giving me tons of extra help. But, this week I just realized that I understand a lot of what people say to me, or at least a lot more than I used to. I can say a lot of things that I want to say, I can speak faster and remember more. I love Chinese so, so, so much. I love studying it, and I'm not even ticked anymore when I study words that all have the same words, but different tones. I love it so much. People here will tell me that my Chinese is so good and I speak so good, and the next person will tell me that my Chinese sucks. Sooo, you know. But, I finally feel like I'm improving and progressing in the language, and feel less terrfied about speaking Chinese to the Faj Mahal when I get home.

This week was out of control. Tons happened. This week me and sister Chen moved to a  new apartment, which was a huge pain (carrying big plastic bins on the back of our bikes, etc.). But, our new apartment = cutest ever! My bedroom is the cutest, with these fakie dark hard wood floors, up in this little elevated room with a big window. I love sleeping in there so much. Our shower is ultra fancy, with these jet streams that come out the sides, which are actually really ticklish and always making me jerk around in the shower. Ha.

I was terrrrified to pick up my trainer. I kept squeezing Sister Chen's arm really hard as we were waiting to meet them and she was like, "You are putting fingerprints in my arm!" But, it's all well. My trainee is Sister Evans, from Nauvoo, IL. She's really sweet and cute and really determined to work hard, which is awesome. She loves contacting, so that's good because we do that a lot. I feel like the worst teacher/trainer, but oh well. God is helping me so much. Seriously, I feel so magnified. It's cool. Oh, so I cover Zhong Li now.

You guys, I really just love my mission so much. Taiwan Taipei mission is the best mission for me. I love Zhong Li, I love my ward, I love our investigators, I love Chinese. Everything is so good.

So, the other day, we were biking (me and Sister Chen) and we passed this little family walking on the side of the road and I especially noticed them because they had a developmentally disabled daughter with them, and you know how much I love them! So I kinda felt like I should turn back and give them a phamplet, so I turned around and talked to them for a second, but they didn't really seem to have any interest, but whatever. But, then they came to English class and set up to meet with us. So this week, we went to their home and visited them and then they came to church on Sunday! So, they have a 17 year old daughter and an 11 year son, who both set baptismal dates. The mom doesn't want to right now because of Buddhism, but she's super supportive of her kids and came to church with them. Anyway, the little 11 year old looks like Andrew Yu from our home ward, which makes me love him more. He sat next to me in sacrament meeting and was so cute and funny. After the sacrament, he leaned over to me and was like, "How do they (the sacrament passers) know where to go?" Haha. And then he asked how much longer the meeting was and when I told him after that, there was still more, he was like, "I didn't eat lunch yet today." Haha. Our other investigator sitting in front of us brought some gauvas for her little boys, so I gave him a gauva. Anyway, he's so cute and funny. Then I went to Sunday School with the two sisters. The lesson was about Ammon cutting off all the arms and bringing them to the king. You know how adolescent sunday school classes are - the students hardly paying attention, and not participating, and then my poor investigator was a little creeped out by the story. Haha, oh you guys, you should see how much I'm inwardly pant-breathing on a mission. Actually, I would say I get less stressed about stuff like that. Sometimes our members bring up word of wisdom and all this stuff on first lessons, and I"m actually pretty calm about it. Yeah! Actually Sister Chen hates that I always gasp really dramatically cause it freaks her out, but she realized that if she says, "Okay, don't get stressed out, but I need to tell you something...", I totally freak out. I'm like, "What? What is it? Just tell me! Hurry, tell me!" Haha, so funny.

I love our investigators who own the ice cream shop. We stopped by to visit them the other day and ended up having a lesson. I rambled off all this stuff about the Atonement I've been thinking about and Fred, the husband, kept having to get up and do stuff (for the shop), but he was like, "I love it! I love what you are saying!" So precious. Love them so much and their little daughter is also so cute and adorable. I really hope that  they progress in the gospel. They also asked me tons of hard questions, but I wasn't even stressed about answering them! But, seriously, just love my investigators so much and I've realized the more I love them, the easier it is to teach them and help them progress and be a little bit bold, because you know me, I do not like being bold. I brought a recently returned from Taipei mission missionary to help us be a member present at one of their lessons and it was awesome. His name is Xu Wen Guo and he is one of the best missionaries in the world. He's so good at listening and teaching according to needs. Ah, so inspired everytime he helps our lessons. Anyway, he really helped their lesson this week.

Oh, and one of the pictures is from when I had a lesson with a mom and her baby and a member and her baby and the member's baby was freaked out by the other baby and cried whenever he came close. Hilarious! That lesson was out of control. It was taught as we were sitting on the floor and babies were crying the whole time. I love being a missionary.

This is what Niels said in his last letter: I feel like Natalie and I are going to be chunky dweebos when we come back. OUR family is the coolest. Lars is even gettting cool. Oh I saw him with that bandana and semi shaggy hair.

Ha, seriously so true.

Shout outs!
Faj Mahal,
I have been getting your postcards and poetry. Ahhh, love them so much! I love getting mail from all of you. I love hearing from you guys. Speaking of, FINN AND BARDLE, I miss you guys and want you to write me. KAI, you too. I pray for you all the time and hope you're doing okay. Mom, thanks so much for the package and little notebooks. So nice of you! Faj, didn't you say you recently got a cool blessing? Tell me about it. I need my voting ballot too, and blurbs about the canidates. Thank you! Oh, Faj, it's so funny to think of you as a 101 teacher. I've been hitting tones hard with my new comp this week. We practice tones a lot, because, thanks to your testimony, I know how important they are. I bet you think your students are big kindergarten babies all the time.

Erin, thank you for FINALLLLY writing me. Loved your letter. Cracked up multiple times. I love anything that happens at the moa, aka you writing your letter at the moa. Loved it.

Analyn, you are the BEST letter writer in the world. Thanks so much for allll your letters! I can't even keep up. Love hearing your voice through your letters.

Kay'ler, I haven't even finished reading your letter, but I love it so much. cracking up. Send me way more.

CELIA write meeee. Did you get my last letter?

ARIEl you toooo. Loooove you.

Trev4, love you, Brobro. Miss you. Are you in the middle east?

Emily Brown, are you in the mtc yet? Sars, I need to write you.

KJIRSTEN, write me.

Allison, did you ever get that ninja card? love you.

Kimi, still loved your last letter. thanks. love you!

Moving day

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