Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 10, 2012 (Zhongli-17)

Dear everyone!

I am a somewhat frantic, disheveled trainer (Faj, you would looove seeing me right now), but my trainee is really sweet, nice, and patient. For example, this week we were coming home on the train from exchanges, and were rushing to a lesson at the church with Zhong Jia Yu, our cutie investigator who's getting baptized this week. She was super nervous about getting baptized, so I was also super nervous. We set up this appointment to meet with her right before her baptismal interview. Anyway, so on the train going home, I somehow got on this train that doesn't stop at our city, but instead goes like 30 minutes out of our zone to Xin Zhu. Ahh, there was so much pant-breathing going on. Trying to call all the elders and sisters to be at the church for Jia Yu and having to confess to my district leader, etc. Then I finally just called Jia Yu and had a phone lesson with her, which included some minor interruptions, as we had to hurry and switch trains. Then when I got on that train, I basically announced to the whole train that I had just been on the wrong train and I kept double and triple checking with these women that the train really would go to Zhong Li. They kept reassuring me, but then I saw the cities passing and for some reason I got nervous that the train was going the wrong way, so again I got up and asked these women and they were like, "We are POSTIVIE. We will TELL you when we get to your city." Ha, they were so cute and nice. Then, because Jia Yu and I were reviewing the law of chastity over the phone as well, I had to say awkward words like pornography, and this boy was giving me weird looks. Anyway, finally got back to the church to see her at the END of her interview. But, she's doing so great and so happy and not even nervous anymore. Getting baptized this week.

A similar thing happened last night, a misunderstanding between where we would be meeting with Jia Yu, so I made my trainee and I book it all the way across town to her house to have a short meeting with her before booking it back to our mm meeting. Ah, my trainee and these people seriously have so much patience towards me.

Okay, so yesterday I met my new mission president and his wife. Oh, man, loooove them. It's funny because they are completely 100% opposite from President Grimley and his wife. They are from the South, and really relaxed and laid back. Sister Day (president's wife) calls us sweetie and honey and talked about how much she loved baking. They talked about their little hometown in Tennessee and how much they love the South and their three grandkids. So cute. Also, something funny, the native missionaries here (especially the elders) get taught the funniest English things from their American companions. So, for example, one of my favorite elders ever, Sheng Zhanglao yesterday said, "I kid you not", but it actually sounded like, "Kick your nuts", so we were all cracking up. Then yesterday, we all had to get up and introduce ourselves and when Elder Sheng got up, he said to the President, "Are you from Tennessee?" President, "Yes, but let's hear something about you!" Elder Sheng: "But, are you from Tennessee?" President: Yes. Elder Sheng: Oh, 'cause you're the only ten I see!" Oh, man, we were cracking up. So brave. So funny. Later, we found out that Elder Sheng had already said that to him at Zone Leader Council. But Elder Sheng was like, "I think it was better this time - more people were laughing." Ha. Also, I went on exchanges with this awesome Taiwanese girl, and she talked so much which I loved, and she kept telling me these stories of all the elders teaching her bad things and gangster phrases without her knowing what they really mean and then her saying them to the assistant and stuff. So funny.

Hm, this week we were bikeless for a few days which was a huge pain, because we just had to walk around to do street contacting. Anyway, so one day, we planned to go to this one street, but then before we were going, we prayed and I had this thought that we should go to this park, where there are always old, uninterested people. So I didn't think it'd be good. But I prayed again to check and felt good about going and as we were walking there, we met this awesome girl who became our new investigator and wants to meet with us at a set time every week. So awesome! It's cool how real the gift of the Holy Ghost is. I'm still trying to learn how to trust it and rely on it and figure out how to recognize it and trust promptings.

Wellll, I love all of you so, so much. Miss you all and thanks so much for all your love and support.

cute little store with cute little robot thing on the wall
Elders Kang and Davis with McDonald's. (Lately Elder Davis has been sick, and Elder Kang loooves it. He always giggles when Elder Davis is talking about his health.)
Elders Robinson and Sheng

love, Sister Natalie Christensen

Niels. What a ROCKSTAR. I can't WAIT to hear about New Jersey. Wah, you're already totally on fire.
Faj and Mom: Thanks for all the emails and PHOTOS. Ahh, love them.
FINN: write me for real.
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TREVOR: Jordan? Bruce?
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Extended family: I love all of you so much. And write me and I'll write you!

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