Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012 (Zhongli-19)

Natalie and her MTC teacher, Sister Fan

Dearest family and friends,

First off, can Lars please get an email? I haven't heard from him in FOREVER and I feel like I'll die if I don't hear from him soon. Finn, you too, you hang-car. Still love you, but write meeeee.

Jia Yu, our scooter accident investigator, is doing better, but still not quite sure when she'll be able to get baptized. Before her accident, the ward mission leader (one of my favorite people in the world - parents, if you come to taiwan, you'll def meet him), was telling me how I need to take really good care of her before her baptism and call her everyday, etc because Satan's influence is strong. And when she got in the car accident, he was like, "I knew something was going to happen." Anyway, but she's doing good. She'll be super touched when I tell her that you guys have been praying for her.

Last week, for p-day, me and the sisters biked all the way out to the beach = super far, but super fun. I miss long bike rides sooo much. On the way home, we got caught in POURING rain, so we were soaked at the end.

We had a lot of cool experiences this week. Really simple things, but still so cool. A lesson with a girl I found who actually got baptized like 10 years ago, and has said that our church has always felt different and wants to start coming back to church. A restoration lesson with Hao Yun (17) and Zhen Wei (11). Hao Yun believes it's all true and Zhen Wei says that he can't believe it would be that simple, and have deity appear. Cutie little guy. Having a lesson with our 2 investigators who own the breakfast shop. I haven't seen them in foreverrr, because now we have to do studies in the morning. Having a lesson with cutie mom, Qian jiemei who reads the Book of Mormon every night and says that she's starting to have more feelings towards the book of Mormon and shared a favorite verse with us, that helped her realize that even though it's an ancient book, it still applies to us today and that God is always the same. Having a lesson with Qiu Feng who said that the first day she met with us, she was sad and in a bad mood, but meeting with us helped her feel really good and close to God and she felt the gospel could help her. And then having her bring her little 11 year old cousin to church with her. Qiu Feng told me that she told her little cousin about the Plan of Salvation, because her dad has passed away. Qiu Feng told me she told her she would be able to see her dad again. Doing temple tours in Taipei. Love temple tours. Also, ran into my beloved MTC teacher, Sister Fan. I about had a heart attack. Having lots of people at church. Awesome and also extremely stressful. I am continually pant breathing inside and trying to appear really calm on the outside. Running up after to sacrament to one of my favorite members and being like, "Quick! we have tons of investigators here! Come take one to primary!" Our members are the best. Having a lesson with the Zhuang family. The parents are meeting with us, just so that they can know what their daughters are learning. This week we taught the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so present and strong. They were really interested in learning the plan of salvation. We have such simple, powerful, beautiful messages. So grateful I have this time to be a missionary. I really love this work. Thanks everyone for all your support and prayers.

temple grounds at sunset
me with my trainee, my trainer (one of the temple sisters) and her comp
beautiful skies lately
me and sister fan!

Wah, love you all so immensely!

Kimberly! You can't just tell me that Jen is in the MTC and not even tell me where she is going!!! Where is she going and when did she decide to go on a mission? Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - I know, right? So good. I cried too. Love you so much.
Ariel! Sending you a letter
Celia! Sending you a letter, too.
Kayler! Gahhh, can't wait to get your letter. dying. I NEED to see more wedding pictures! FAJ MAHAL, will you send me more wedding pictures?
Courtney Cute Baby: So long haven't heard from you. Your turn to write me, right? hint hint.
Alicia Harris: I love you a lot. what's your address right now?
Schmutzes: I love you all and miss you and think of you often. Kent I had a dream and you were playing drums on the side of the street.
Allison: I owe you a letter. Also, just love you so much.

Natalie with her trainee, her trainer, and her comp.

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