Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012 (Zhongli-20)

Okay, this week was pretty awesome. Mostly funny stories. 

Last Monday started with about a 30 minute bike ride out of town to a member's house to have dinner. It was a really pretty ride, so I was going to get my camera out to take a picture of the scenery. Sister Chen can always bike and deal with her camera at the same time, so I figured I could too. But, one-handed was a little too hard, so I just rested both my arms on my handlebars as I tried to get my camera out. FAIL. Handlebars slipped from underneath my arms, and I tumbled to the ground. Elders biking behind me. Wearing a skirt. So embarrassing. I got up and was cracking up/DYING and there was a farmer in the field seeing if I was alright. The elders said I flipped over my handlebars. Cha right. Wasn't that epic. Two of the elders had eaten a huge lunch and weren't hungry at all, so Sister Chen and I had a lot of fun during dinner being like, "Elder Robinson, have you tried this dish yet?" And then the hostess would be like, "Ohh! Try it, try it!" And dish him up a ton. Haha, we think we are so funny.

Also, at mm meeting this week, I was trying to tell my mm leader that we were going to heart attack our investigator's door, and I used the word for heart attack, and he was way confused. And the elder was like, "I'm pretty sure that doesn't translate over." So, after he understood what we were going to do he kept being like, "Love vs heart attack, VERY different!" Patting his chest, "This is heart attack, right?" And then writes "love" in English (and Chinese) and draws a heart. So funny. I was cracking up. Love speaking another language.

Faj, an elder in my district loves to impersonate me speaking Chinese and it's sooo funny. I'll get a video of him doing it and show you. He always says, "Wo juede..." while looking up at the sky. You'll totally think it's funny.

This week after English class, one of the students gifted me a present and a note. The note had an especially good part that said, "Well, though you're a bit plumpy (no offense), sometimes a little clumsy (again no offense)..." PLUMPY? Geez. C'mon guys! I've been eating so much brown rice and carrots lately. NO USE.

We have a super golden investigator, QF. She's hopefully getting baptized in a few weeks. She's the one who's been bringing her cutie little cousin to church with her. After sharing the plan of salvation with them, little cousin called me and asked what the requirements are to go to the Celestial Kingdom. So precious, right?

Cutie Jia Yu is healed from her accident and getting baptized soooon. We had a lesson with her about the priesthood and she's really excited to get a blessing this week to give her some extra help.

We also tracted into this awesome ABC from outside of Boston. I totally tried to convert her to the gospel through Brandon Flowers. She is like 17, super cute, loves being Asian and is randomly thinking about going to BYU when she graduates. She is soooo good. We met with her and gave her the Book of Mormon, and she's really excited to read it. We'll only have her for a couple more weeks before she goes back to Boston, but I'm so glad we have a little bit of time to meet with her.

We're also teaching another awesome girl who is Taiwanese, but lives in London, so she's going back to London in a couple weeks. But, she's also so cool.

Last night, as we were biking to a member's house for dinner, we biked past the church and I noticed two girls go in who I didn't recognize, so we stopped and ended up having a lesson and setting baptismal dates with them. Awesome! This is totally the Lord's work and He totally helps us do His work.

Oh, and yesterday I got called on sort of last minute to give a talk to combined rs and priesthood. They wanted me to speak about why I wanted to come on a mission. My three reasons were 1) I love God and He loves me; 2) I know the Plan of Salvation and my eternal purpose and 3) Through the gospel, we have priesthood. Our mm leader had to hold up a sign that said, "Time up" because I was talking too long. Yeeahh, love talking too long in Chinese. Kidding, my Chinese still sucks.

Sorry this email is sooo rambly.

Love you all so, so, so much, I can hardly stand it!

Love, Sister Nad

Pictures: . district picture. etc.

Celiaaaa: thank you! love you forever. I sent you a letter a couple days ago. Send me your new address when you move. Wah, endlessly jealous right now.
Allison! Weird favor, can you change my facebook pic back to the one with the yellow shirt and glasses? I want the Faj Mahal to get those glasses for me, so I'm gonna tell him to look at my facebook prof pic. Awkward when people's pictures change while they are on their mission? Yes. Oh well. Oh, and can you add a Xu or Shu or Hsu Jia Ling or Erica something if she has added me? Thanks.
Alicia Harris: overjoyed! I'll write you soooon.
Erin Kolu. I still love the letter you sent.

Jia Yu with kitty and cutie little ward girl

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