Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 August 2012 (Zhongli-22)

At Qiu Feng's baptism. Yeah!

Dearest family and friends,

This week was probably like the most up and down week I've ever had on my mission. I was all over the place. Thanks for all the letters. Niels, NIELS, spiritual crocs. So funny. The elders always quote our Chinese-dubbed church movies. I definitely showed that one for an unplanned english class. So funny. Glasses in the air.

Monday: We invited our dear Tsai Jiemei (a long time investigator because of family stuff) to an FHE at a member's house. I love being in member's home and learning the gospel from them.

Tuesday: We had a lesson with ABC Angela. If you'll remember, the last couple lessons with her - she was just so stressed and overwhelmed about learning the plan of salvation and reading the Book of Mormon. The book of mormon was a little boring to her and really confusing and she was really stressed about all the names and things going on in it, etc. So I've been kind of nervous, hoping that she'd be able to have some connection with the book. So, when we say her on Tuesday, I don't even know what happened, but she was on fire. She brought her Book of Mormon and had a pink pen that she used to mark all the stuff that was confusing or any questions she had and a green pen to mark all the stuff she liked - she marked up a ton of stuff. She read all the way up to 1 Ne. 10. She was asking us a bunch of questions and asked a couple of questions about Lehi's dream and we told her that later ch. 11 would answer some of those questions and she was like, "I can't wait to go home and read chapter 11!" And she was saying how she can't wait to read the Book of Mormon on the flight home to the US. She was saying how she prayed to ask Heavenly Father to help the Book of Mormon make more sense to her and now when she reads the "yeas", she reads them as "yeahs!" Ha so funny and awesome. She also said that when she prays she'll ask Heavenly Father if He exists and the next day, she'll have a really, awesome, happy day and she's taking that as a sign of God existing. So cool. Then she started saying the closing prayer, but stopped and said to us that sometimes she feels like she says the same things in prayer. We told her that was fine, as long as she is sincere. Then I shared alma 37:36-37 about pray and counseling with God, and she loved it and marked it and was like, "So I can just talk to Him about anything!" And she wants her sister to meet the gospel and to start reading the Book of Mormon. You guys, YOU GUYS, I was so happy when I was with her, I almost burst into tears. Seriously. She is a rockstar. I also asked her if she's noticed a difference in her life since she's met us and she said that she's happy and sometimes feels the Holy Ghost. Oh man, so stoked. She's sooo good. She's totally strengthened my faith and testimony of the gospel and the book of mormon.

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator mom, Qian jiemei. Before she a little bit wanted to change her baptismal date later b/c of word of wisdom, but she's totally had a change, as well, and has totally been keeping word of wisdom and is really excited for her baptismal date. Wahh, so happy!

This week we also did temple tours and we got to see a bunch of other sisters, it was toooo much fun. My trainer, Wang Jiemei, who I adore, is the temple sister, so I love going up there and getting to see her.

And while I was in Taipei, I passed off this language test thing - so stressful because a bunch of other missionaries were there listening to me, and then stressful because they were passing around this paper with the move calls on it but I didn't want to look at it til I was done, blah blah blah, sorry so boring, but I found out I'm staying here another transfer! Wah, so long here, but I love it so it's okay. I was hoping my trainer could have a new comp because I am a very mediocre trainer, but oh well for her.

Friday night: Jia Yu (the one who got in the car accident), called me and told me that she didn't know if she could get baptized the next day because her teacher will let her come to church this Sunday, but then after this Sunday, she can't come to church until NEXT JULY. Gah, school here is crazy. She'll be in school every Sunday all day. I didn't know what to do, so I called our zone leaders, and one of our zone leaders talked to me about a bunch of stuff we could do. So, for now, she didn't get baptized on Saturday. We fasted for her and she fasted with us, and she's going to talk to her teacher again and she if her teacher will allow her to get baptized. At first I was so sad and depressed and frustrated because she's been hitting so many roadblocks, but after praying, I felt a lot more calm and when I called my zone leader back, he was like, "Your voice has more power now." Anyway, so I'll once again keep you posted on that situation. Poor Jia Yu, so sad and crying when we were talking on the phone.

BUT, Li Qiu Feng did get baptized on Saturday. And the baptism was awesome and spiritual and tons of ward members came. She talked about how she's so grateful missionaries called her and how the gospel has helped her and how grateful she is to know the plan of salvation. What a rockstar. After her confirmation, she said, "I feel power." Yessss, so rad. She's been inviting friends and family members to come to church with her. So cool.

PS, I've started studying Chinese characters, finally, so I can finally learn how to read the book of mormon. Actually become somewhat literate in this language.

I love you all so much, I can't even stand it.

Love, Sister Nad

Celia! You're leaving soooo soon! Wahh, I loved allll your updates! Tell your mom to write me. You can take my clothes, BUT you HAVE to send them back before I get home, or I'll have to wear frumpy mission skirts after my mission which will make me want to die.


Allison. I owe you.

Kimi. I owe you, too, but write me morrree! More pictures!

Ariel, send pictures. I love you!

Kayler, i love your letters. Send wedding photos.

Me and ABC Angela. I know I look pregnant. Don't mention it.

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