Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 August 2012 (Zhongli-21)

Eating at hot pot with companion, and soon to be baptized, Li Qiufeng

Dearest everyone,

Niiiieeeels. You're so cool. I just sent you a letter. Write me back when you get it.

This week wasn't super eventful. We ate delicious hot pot for p-day. Faj, the hot pot here is divine. If you come, we'll go. We had an hilarious district meeting, as always, and one of the Taiwanese elders made gaucamole. Okay, those sentences were all so boring. This last week, there was a big typhoon, so we stayed inside all Wednesday night and all day Thursday. It was mostly boring. Then Chen jiemei convinced me to call the elders and play a prank, and be like, "Hey are you guys going to be at the church in a sec?.... Oh, you didn't get the phone call yet? We're supposed to go out in 10 minutes!" So I called Elder Tay and then he hung up the phone before I could tell him it was a joke. So, then I spent the next 7 minutes trying frantically to call him back. He kept not answering, had to call another elder to get a hold of him and also had to confess to my zone/district leader, who said, "You're fine, but, you need to get a hold of him." So, I felt like a big idiot and felt sooo guilty and then finally one of the other elders told me that the elder I had called was pranking me by not picking up the phone. Worked. The elder said when Elder Tay answered the phone he was just like, "Is Sister Christensen freaking out right now?" Anyway, that was the most exciting thing that happened while we were inside. We were all mostly bored.

Oh! And speaking of awkward phone calls! On Wednesday, Sister Chen and her companion were getting fed at Pizza Hut by this member and Sister Chen was like, "I think you could come! You're friends with them and I"m not sure whether they meant to invite you or not and blah blah." So she wanted to call them to see if we were invited or not. MOST awkward phone call ever. Before, Chen jiemei was like, "I'll just say that we're with you right now and..." And I'm like, "Do NOT say that we're together, then they'll feel obligated!" So, she gets on the phone and first thing she says is that she's with me right now. And then the phone call ended with Chen jiemei being like, "Oh, yeah, so actually, they're going to be in the same area as pizza hut this afternoon, so..." Gah, I was DYING! I curled up on a ball and was lying on the floor because I couldn't handle the awkwardness.

Yesterday, our new investigator came to church with her little weiner dog. And when we prayed with her, she was having the dog fold his arms. So funny. Then we tied him up outside during all of church. Yesterday, I taught the law of chastity to our 7 year old investigator, and it was so awkward and so funny. His mom was helping out so it wouldn't be too awkward. The lesson included phrases like, "Can a boy and a boy have a baby?" etc. And the elders overheard part of the lesson and after they were like, "Were you teaching a child??" because we kept using really awkward phrases like the one above. haha. Also, last night we were contacting this woman on the street and she was like, "I have an American friend who lives here. And I feel so bad for him, he's really lonely and single and really fat, but maybe you could be his girlfriend?" hahahha.

Okay, so the best news of the week is that Li Qiu Feng passed her baptismal interview and will be getting baptized this week! She's a super miracle for me. I had a feeling to look at the formers in the area book one day, and she was one of the many formers, but she stuck out to me. So I called her and since we've been meeting with her, she's just been so golden and so awesome. She has a great testimony of the plan of salvation. I love her so much! And cutie car accident, Zhong Jia Yu also passed and will be getting baptized this week! Church is so stressful on a mission, can I get a what-what?? It rivals the mtc laundry room. Anyway, yesterday, I was anxiously waiting through most of sacrament for Jia Yu to come so she could get her interview from the zone leaders who had to come from sorta far to interview. She finally showed up, passed and can finally get baptized. And the zone leader told me that those 2 girls are both super amazing and super prepared. They totally are. I'm stoked for them to get baptized.

I love you all so much! Send me more letters - I love hearing from all of you!

love, natalie

Celia, once again, thanks for the update! So stoked for you guys!
Allison! Yeah! Thanks! I just gave the faj mahal your email address, so he can email you/call you and give you my fb password. If you already changed the password, then he'll get the new password from you! Also, I want him to help me get warby parkers, so if I need some advice or opinions, I'll for sure talk to you. Love love love you.
Ariel, miss you. Still need to write you back!
Kimster, still can't believe livy is one year! Write me more updates!! Send me more pictures!
Trevor, Middle East? You are cool. I miss you.
TARA JIBSON, i still need you to write me.
ALICIA HARRIS, I sent you a letter! If you've already moved, go to your old house and get it!
kayler, thanks for your huge letter. loved it so much i could've died. so cute the you and the faj mahal went to lunch.

Us and Sasha, our London investigator who just moved back to London


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