Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012—Zhongli

Dear everyone,
Oh, man, I've gotta write fast. Our investigator, Yi Xuan, (and also one of my favorite people) is the one whose husband just decided he's good with her getting baptized. And she wants her 8 year old son to get baptized with her, BUT her son HATES having lessons. Well, we just had one with us and he was not having it at all. But then our member there was super awesome and had a stroke of genius and came up with this super awesome lesson plan, and he liked it okay. So me and Sister Crofts have just been trying so hard to think of lessons to have with him and we came up with an awesome idea for the plan of salvation - we made it into a big game, where different rooms were different places, like premortal, earth life, etc. And then for earth life, he had to be blindfolded and we were temptations and his mom and the member were the Holy ghost. Slipped in a word of wisdom lesson. Then in celestial kingdom got a candy bar. It went awesome and he loved it so we were sooo relieved and his mom was also really relieved. And the member was super awesome with him. Anyway, so now we have to think of rockin' lessons and games for all the other lessons. If you guys have any ideas, let me know!! But, yeah, lately we have 2 little kid investigators that we regularly meet with and we love it.

This week, we went to visit a member and her son and daughter. Her son is about 14, loves his hair, and LOVES singing - super poppy renditions of church songs, etc. Anyway, when we first got there, we asked the daughter what the dog's name was and she said, "Ming Wei". So we kept saying the dog's name over and over again and playing with him and then the son came out and was like, "what!" and we were like, "We're just playing with ming wei", but apparently the son's name is ming wei and the dog's name is bao bao. So funny. Sister Crofts and I were dying. And then when we sang the song for the lesson, he was singing it super poppy and we couldn't contain our laughter. It was so funny.

This week there has also been HUGE WINDS. Typhoon winds. Biking, skirts, etc. So dangerous and stressful. But, other than that, the weather has been cool and beautiful and perfect. I love it here right now.

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, our mm leader wanted me to play the piano for a baptism last week because he couldn't find anyone else. One of the songs was one I have never played before, and I didn't really have time to practice. Oh, man, when I played it, I kept messing up and had to play with one hand and then I still kept messing up and I was getting stage fright so bad, so it was just so embarrassing and terrible and the song felt like a million years long. I apologized to the elders and they were like, "oh, it's fine! no big deal!" but then the other elders were coming up to me and being like, "Heard about the piano..." Oh, man, so embarrassing.

This week a guy in our district told a cool story. He's from the south and talks slow and dignified. He's really great. But he said, he was talking with his friend who is a member of another church about the priesthood and they started Bible bashing a little bit, and suddenly had a question pop into his mind and he said, "What is it about certain men, that their writings become canon scripture?" And he said his friend didn't talk for about 30 seconds and then they ended their conversation. (we were talkinga bout having silence in lessons.) But, this friend just emailed him and said that he is getting baptized next week. Super cool, but even cooler, was that after he told this story, there was a sacred, silent feeling in the room. I know the Priesthood is real and I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel. And I'm really grateful to be on a mission, in Taiwan, learning Mandarin. When I first got my mission call (and sort of throughout the mtc stay), I didn't really ahve a testimony that this is where I was supposed to be. I felt like I got called here just because my dad speaks Chinese and I had been to China. But, I absolutely know this is where I'm supposed to be and I'm so grateful to be here.

All right, I"m gonna peace out. Love you all immensely.

Love, Sister Natalie

Shout outs!
Faj: Did you get the letter for John Bennion? Also, make sure Mark M. got my letter. Tell Lucky I lvoe her and will write her soon.
Celia: Glad my clothes are safe! Loved hearing from you! Can't wait to attend your Chinatown branch!
Analyn: loved your letter. SORRY ABOUT YOUR BIKES. lame. also, congratulations!!

September 24, 2012—Zhongli

Dear everyone,

So, you know how last week I was all depressed about staying in this area another transer? (Once again, looove this area, love the people, members, investigators, blahblahblah, but seriously. Been here forever long.) But, I'm actually grateful I'm staying because we have this investigator Cai jiemei. She's super wonderful and she's been an investigator for almost a year now because her husband won't let her get baptized. (Her husband is super awesome, but just because of some stuff, he doesn't want her to get baptized.) Anyway, lately, he's been saying that next year they can talk about her getting baptized and re-evaluate it, even though she always brings it up to him. But, she called me the other day and said that she and her husband were eating breakfast, and she brought up baptism, and he was just totally like, "Okay, if you're serious about it, then do it." So she and her little 8-year-old can both get baptized! When she called me, I was overjoyed. Almost crying. Also, I saw my old companion Tsai jiemei (love her so, so much) and she started teaching Cai jiemei, and she just started crying when I told her. It was precious. Anyway, I'm happy that Cai jiemei will have a missionary here who has known her for a long time to help her get ready for baptism. But hopefully I'll move someday.

Also, this week, all the missionaries who were moving or getting new companions (which was a TON!) all went up to Taipei to a meeting to meet new companions. So we knew whether we were moving or not, but didn't know who new companions were or where we were going, etc. Then Sister Day had this power point thing, and she would go area by area and it would show all the missionaries in that area, with blank spots for the people to move there. So super nervousness, because you're all just waiting to see who your companion is or where your new area is. And stressful if you don't like your new companion, because you're in front of everyone, so you have to be like, "wahh! I'm so excited!" Anyway, my new companion is Sister Lisa Crofts (Zhou jiemei) from St. George, Utah and she is AWESOME. She's on her third transfer, just like my last companion, Sister Evans. She is hilarious, gives tmi (just like me!), and says how much she loves shopping when she introduces herself. We are super chatty. And all the elders in her district came up to me separately and told me I would love her and one elder was like, "I always thought you guys should be companions. I always thought if you guys were together, you would tear it up!" Whatever that means. Anyway, she's awesome. Our first night together, we biked (oh! so in our area right now, we have 8 missionaries and 4 bikes, so it's been a crazy game of constantly switching bikes around. These bikes' were both super low and I was dying laughing because every time I looked back at Sister Crofts, she was pedaling a mile a minute but the bike gears weren't really working, so she wasn't going anywhere. Plus, super low seat. Oh, so funny!) to our investigators house, and as we were singing the opening song, our investigator wasn't singing and Sister Crofts had just drinken soda so she had to stop singing, so I would suddenly be singing a solo. And then we would both start laughing and it was hard to keep singing. So bad. So funny. And Sister Crofts is really passionate and expressive and always tells me really funny stories.

Last night, we rounded up four more bikes and all of us missionaries biked way far away to eat with this member. One of my favorite things= bike packs/gangs. It's so fun, especially when most of us were riding really crappy and inconvenient bikes. So funny.

This week we also did temple tours. We were in the elevator with two of the office elders - one of them is Elder Xu and he is out of control funny. He can do perfect impersonations of our mission president, and has totally psyched me out before when I call him and he totally makes me believe I'm talking to President. Anyway, I was eating his pretzels, and then true to my disheleved nature, I said something and a piece of chewed up pretzel flew out of my mouth and landed on the elevator floor, but Elder Xu just picked it up and we were all like, "sickkk!" And he was like, "What? It's trash." It was good.

Oh, this week we also went to a big stake sports activity day. It involved activities like everyone standing on a little mat thing and all the wards had to fit on one mat. So great.

Okay, sorry so rambly. I really love all the other missionaries so, so much. They're all so good. I always get sad at the end of the transfer with everyone moving, but I'm really excited to have new missionaries and get to know everyone.

Love you all so, so much!

Love, Sister Natalie Christensen

Celia: STILL need your address
Ariel: Wahhh! thanks for the address! I'm writin' you!
Erin: Wahhhhh! you finally told me your address! Writing soon!
Allison: I just sent a letter! Hope you get it soon!
Finn and Lars! Write me!!
Trevor: ghosts and cameras?

pictures - us with investigator Cai jiemei, sister chen with huge hamburger, with our mm leader (LOVE HIM!), me and bestie comp tsai jiemei, pictures from the stake activity (including newbie elder who had to wear his church shoes. Remember when that happened to Kai? so funny.)

(She apparently did not send these photos—Matt)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No letter this week

Though we heard from Natalie this week, she did not email her regular letter for this blog. I'm not sure if she forgot to hit send or we just did not get it.

Sorry about that.

Matt (Natalie's dad)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 26, 2012 (Zhongli-27)

This week was so adventurous - I'm excited to tell you about it. Oh, first thing, we got half of move calls. I'm staying here - AGAIN. With a new companion. I love this area and the people so much, but I wanted to die a little bit when I got the move calls because I want a change soooo bad and I really want a new area. So, pray for me to survive this transfer, please. It feels like it'll be 100 years long.

Okay, our Saturday baptism was NUTS. It was little 8-year-old Yu Ting's baptism. He's super cute and rowdy and likes to move around a lot. We invited our new super golden investigator to come with us. So, we started the baptism and it was nice and all the talks were really geared for Yu Ting. ("So that's why baptism is important, right, yu ting? Yu ting, look at me! Yes, baptism is so important." etc.) It was cute and funny. So, then we go downstairs to watch him get baptized. So, everyone here gets baptized in cold water, usually. So a recent convert guy was baptizing him, so they both get in the water. And Yu Ting is just like giggling and moving around and we practiced baptism with him the day before, but they were like trying to figure out how to do their hands for like 5 minutes and it's just taking forever. But then they're finally ready, say the pray, dunk him, but he wasn't fully immersed. So they do it again, BUT they didn't say the prayer. And the people were split on whether it counted or not, so Yu Ting gets out and goes to the bathroom to start to change but then they decide they have to do it again. So i go in the bathroom to get Yu Ting and tell him to do it again, and he started crying a little/whining and was just like, no I don't want to, it's so cold!" and I was like, "Yeah, you're awesome, you can do it!" So he gets back in the fount, and then just stands in there kind of crying and stuff for like 5 minutes and everyone was trying to encourage him and stuff and it was just terrible. At first, it was so funny and then it was just so terrible. And then he calmed down and they dunked him again, but his leg came up, so he got out and didn't get baptized. After he changed clothes, he was totally fine. It was the most stressful baptism of my entire life. I felt guilty and bad about it so after I talked to the Wu's- my mm leader and his wife/my favorite people in the world/my taiwan parents and they were really sweet and encouraging and stuff. Then later that night, Brother Wu (who looks kind of scary, but is the most gentle, sweet person ever) called me and was like, "Cen jiemei, don't be sad. I feel like you are my daughter and when you are sad, it makes me sad." It was so precious.

Anyway, we held the baptism again on Sunday with warm water, and he got baptized great and fine with  no problems and was just as happy and rowdy as can be.

Also, you know how scared I am of dogs, right? Well, the other day, we were biking trying to find this one house, and we turned on this street and I stopped to look at the map for a sec. (oh, how I hate Chinese maps). And then sister evans was like, "uh, dog. we should bike." And I look behind me to see a pack of like 7 dogs coming towards us (not running-  just right behind us and all sniffing me and getting way too close for comfort.) So I was a little bit freaked, and there was like a 60-year-old man standing on the side of the street, so I wanted to befriend him in case I needed to take refuge in his house. So I was like, "Could I ask you? Are they going to bite me?" He was like, "Buuuuu hui!" (Noooo way!) me: Are you SURE? him: yes. me: now, what about those dogs up there? (point to another pack of like 7 dogs, up the street right where we had to go.) him: them? I have no clue about those dogs. So then I told him my scary story and why I'm scared of dogs and I was like, "If they bite me, can you save me?" (using the the save word associated with salvation - yeah, church vocabulary!) Anyway, so he walked over there with us and tried to discreetly pick up a rock, which freaked me out and he was like, "No worries! It's fine!" and then he chucked a rock in their direction, they scattered and we went on our way. It was such a good encounter.

This week, while in Long Tan, we discovered this cool dragon slide. Lars, you would love it! Cooler than the wooden park. We also had cool contacting experiences, just feeling like we were totally led to knock on this one door, and the girl happened to be home, happened to have interest, etc. I really do love being a missionary and being able to better recognize God's hand in my life.

Thanks for all the letters. Send more so I can make it through this transfer. Faj, I'm pretty sure that package is at the office right now. I'll get it tomorrow.

love you all tons. obvs.
love, sister nad

Allison! wahhh, your life is great! I"ll write more later. winky face.
Niels! Aren't mission conferences the best? I bet you're the most fun district member ever!
Kimiiii: I misss you write me.
Celia: new address
ariel: what address should I write to?
Trevor: important question: why can you sometimes capture ghosts on camera that the human eye can't see? Tellll meee.
Coryn: loved your letter! Writing back soon!
Bonnie: got the jane austen letter and the bday card. THANK YOU! love you!
Jed and Nat and family: ahhhh, loved your pack of letters so so so much! love you guys!
Lou: send me your address!
Analyn: I LOVE YOU! and your letters and thank you thank you thank you for the poetry.

September 9, 2012 (Zhongli-26)

Dearest everyone,

I love hearing from all of you SO MUCH! Thanks for all the correspondence. Sorry, this week was not the most eventful, so I don't have too much to write. Also, I did terrible at writing in my journal this week so I can't remember a lot. Sending a lot of pictures to compensate.

This week:
- Went on exchanges to Taoyuan. Total vacation. I loved being junior companion, just biking really slowly along behind Sister Lin and ate delicious food, didn't have to worry about any plan and had fun calling people in my zone after 9:30, instead of frantically calling investigators and trying to get members set up for all the lessons. Yeahhh, loved it. Oh, and played frisbee with the elders for exercise in the morning. Tell you what, this gym girl was catching and throwing. And, re-realized that when I get excited and am cheering for people, I jump in place in the air. JUST LIKE LARS. dancing.
- Had an awesome lesson with a member mom and her son and daughter. Her son LOVES singing. Pop style renditions of I am a child of God, and other church songs. Totally okay solo-ing to you while you're trying to talk to him. So funny.
- Dinner at Luo family's house. Forgot to take a picture, but love them. (family in the ward) I asked Luo jiemei if she likes being primary president and she was like, "ummm, I can't say I love it. I am scared of kids. They are naughty!"
- I still love love love biking up to Long Tan every week for English class. I'm excited for long bike rides when I get home.
- One of our investigators who we've been meeting with for forever and still thinks praying feels weird and still doesn't know if God exists, told me that when she prays, it seems like someone is listening. yesss! I was so excited when she told me, and she was like, calm down, it's just a really little feeling! haha, still awesome.
- ate lunch with our beloved Qiu Feng and then she helped us accompany a lesson and then went to the park with us and helped us contact. Man, what a rockstar.
- Taught plan of salvation to a family on the street whose mom's dad had just passed away a couple days before. Awesome. We have another set-up with the mom, so hopefully that'll turn into something. Faj, yes, so hard to find and teach families together.
- Last night, we planned a movie night (the testaments, yeeahh!) and we invited all the ward members, investigators, etc. And people came - yes! And we (the elders) checked the projector on Sunday and it wasn't working, so I was so stressed and the elders were so chill and calm about it (they totally get bugged when I'm stressed - I'll call Elder Robinson my district leader and he's just like, "it'll be all right" it's so funny and then I realize I'm getting all worked up. Anyway, projector worked and everything was fine.)
- Ate dinner with the Wu family - one of my favorite families in the whole world.

Okay, that's about all for this week. Sorry so short. Love you all immensely!

Erin Kolu: Sorry worst at writing, BUT need your new address. Love you and your hilarious stories so much.
Nicole Valencia: Same as Erin. Where did you move?? Need new address. Thanks!
Celia: same. need new york address.
Ariel: when you move need address. Thanks again for your long letter. I copied some of it into my Preach My Gospel.
Trev4: wahhh! heart you.
LOU! i loved hearing from you! Email me your guys' address! (I can't remember if I already have it or not. PS, did you get the thank you note I sent you?)
ANGELA! Are you reading this? Love you so, so much!
Allison!! loved your email! only one picture worked (your bday one.) also, wahhh, you just look so dang beautiful. glasses, bangs, lipstick, shirt, freckles. everything. cutest.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012 (Zhongli-25)

Dearest family and friends,

First of all, dear all of my best friends - why are you guys all moving so far away and doing such awesome things? Gah, killing me! Just kidding, so proud of all of you and excited for all of you. Allison, don't even worry, will still be in Provo for at least a year when I'm home and I WANT TO HANG OUT ALL THE TIME.

On Monday, for p-day, all the missionaries in the zone got together for a sport day - I am still a total gym girl (forgot those pics - I'll send them next week). At one point, the frisbee got stuck in a big tree, and we were trying to use all this stuff to get it out, and then one of the elders climbed up in the tree to get it out. And everyone was telling him to shake the tree, so as he's straddling a branch, he would start jolting up and down - it was so animalistic and awkward and funny.

Lately, we have been visiting members and people on the ward list and I have been wanting to DIE. Getting lost all the time. Seriously, you guys thought I couldn't find my way around Provo - YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN TAIWAN. I also realized that my vocabulary for directions in Chinese is severely limited - I still always get "right" and "left" mixed up. Plus, can't read Chinese. So the process of me finding an addresses usually consists of me stopping several people on the street to ask where I need to go. And everyone tells you different ways. One man drew me a new map. etc. Anyway, and I usually end up asking old people who are a little bit more difficult to understand. Example: "You said turn RIGHT??" (While moving my left arm in a wide turning motion.) Them: (confused) "Right, RIGHT!" (moving their right arm in a turning motion.) Gah. But, the other night, I felt like Nancy Drew, as we made it to a neighborhood and were sleuthing out all the ward members in that area, asking the neighbors if they met so-and-so - I was just waiting to get knocked out or twist my ankle. So that made it a little more fun. This last week, I tried to find one address THREE times, and all times couldn't find. So the elders finally took me there to find it. They're completely perplexed as to why this is so hard for me. Just like the Faj Mahal. ("Lamb, it's not that hard! It's a grid system! Can you count?!")

Then, we got a new investigator from a scooter contact - no big deal, because we always contact everyone as we're stopped at red lights. But, she had a cool story. She said that lately she's been praying that she would be able to find a religion in a more natural way. she said lately she'll go to churches in her area, but when she gets to the doorway, she just stops and she doesn't know why, but she just doesn't feel like going in. She just has a sort of weird feeling. She said the day she met me, she had again prayed, asking Heavenly Father to led her to a religion. So she was really shocked and surprised when I talked to her. Now, this is my side of the story. That day we had just gotten way lost, so we were behind schedule. We were hungry and it was time to eat. We stopped at a couple restaurants, at one we even almost got off our bikes, but then I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know - i was like, let's just keep going. Then at that light, I talked to her, even though I almost didn't because I was feeling sort of lazy, but I know I need to talk to everyone, so I did. And I'm obviously really glad I did. I think sometimes we think following the spirit is really hard, but God really guides our lives. Just like, for some reason didn't eat at those restaurants - it's not like I had a clear bad feeling or a strong prompting to keep going - I just did it without thinking anything of it. Anyway, it was a cool experience. And they really are prepared people, waiting for the gospel. My mission has given me a testimony of that.

The best thing that happened this week was that Qian Jiemei got baptized. She is a Taoyuan member's referral. She is a mom and has two kids. Her husband was able to attend the baptism. The baptism was awesome - so spiritual. A lot of talk about raising her children and eternal families. Also, earlier Qian Jiemei told me that before she kept thinking that she didn't need to get baptized and didn't think it was a big deal. But, she said even though logically it didn't seem to make sense to her, she had a strong feeling in her heart that she needed to get baptized. So cool.

Oh, also Li Qiu Feng, our recent convert is so awesome, I could die. First of all, the ward is doing this challenge thing, where you take 21 days and pray for some specific people and then at the end of 21 days, you invite them to come to church or meet with missionaries, etc. She's totally been doing it and invited 4 people to church on Sunday and 2 came! And lately she's been talking to me about how much she wants to go on a mission. She calls her little cousin every night (who was our investigator before she moved) and reads and discusses the book of mormon with her over the phone.

Also, there's a new native Elder in the office who can do uncanny impersonations of everyone. He totally got me one day - he impersonated the mission president over the phone and he sounded exactly like him. Oh, man. It's so good and so funny.

I love you all so much and so appreciate all the emails and correspondance.

Love, Sister Nad

Celia: I loved hearing about your chinatown ward. So fun.  Happy birthday this week. Important question: where are my clothes?? i don't care if they are in new york, as long as I get them back before I get home or else I'll have to keep wearing the same 4 skirts. And that makes me wanna die a lot.
Allison: loved your email! can you resend last week's email? for some reason the photos didn't work and I'm dying to see them. Also, the faj mahal found the glasses i want i think, but i need you to verify. he should email you about it.
Addison: watch singin in the rain for me with the grandparents
Grandma and grandpa: Thank you for the birthday card!! loved it!
Aunt Bonnie: sorry, i NEED to write you back. love you.
Alicia harris: i wrote you forever ago. Did you get it??
Trevor: I heard your hair is super luscious.
Faj: what's going on with politics?
Kimi: write me/love you
Ariel: i love your bangs a lot! and got your letter and package - THANK you. love you.
Tara: YOU'RE IN THE WILDERNESS. Looooved the letter.
Emily larsen: YEAH! got your postcard!! and the big letter! i'll write you to germany!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 27, 2012 (Zhongli-24)

Dear besties!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday was actually super rockin' - I totally lucked out for a mission birthday. On Friday night, my new convert/dear friend, Li Qiu Feng wanted to go to dinner, so we met up with her at this restaurant. Then she said she had to run out to her scooter to grab something, and then came back with Sisters Chen and Sutton and they were holding a delicious birthday cake. I was so surprised and it was so fun. So we ate dinner and birthday cake and Sister Chen made us all crack up by doing all these awkward winking faces. I loved it.

Then on Saturday, we had lunch with a member. Then Michael Mclean (forgotten carols boy), he was doing a Taiwan tour, so we met up with our investigators in Taoyuan and drove to Taipei with them to go to his concert. You guys, YOU GUYS. Michael Mclean, let me tell you! a. Kept asking for audience involvement. You guys all know how I feel about audience involvement. b. During the last song, made us all link arms with each other and then sing about how we'd all live together someday or something like that. c. Then he made us "sing it to Jesus." It was a little rough. But, also awesome because I was sitting in a big airconditioned auditorium with awesome investigators instead of contacting in the hot sun. Yeahhh. Also, saw my beloved companion Tsai Jiemei. She told me that during the song about friendship, my name was the first thing that came to her mind. And she remembered it was my birthday. What a bestie. (Oh, and one cutie investigator called me and sang happy birthday in English - so cute I almost died, and my trainer Wang Jiemei also called me to say happy birthday. Wah, everyone so nice!) Then after the concert, our investigator, Pan Jiemei (we went to the concert with her and her family), took us out to eat at this delish all-you-can-eat restaurant. And they were playing jazz. Summertime and Nature Boy. I was loving it. Faj, I'm dying to listen to jazz lately. Proud?  Then we were running suuuper late to our next appointment, so once we got back to our bikes, we booked it to Hao Yun and Zhen Wei's house. (LARS, ZHEN WEI IS DYING FOR YOU TO WRITE HIM A LETTER. HE IS SO AWESOME AND IS THE TAIWAN VERSION OF YOU. HIS ENGLISH NAME IS JOHN. JUST WRITE HIM A LITTLE NOTE AND SEND IT TO ME. YOU CAN TELL HIM ABOUT DAWSON AND SOCCER.) We talked to them about coming to church and they're so awesome and faithful. But Zhen Wei said he couldn't come and I've been worried about him because he thinks church is so boring. But when we went to pick him and his sister up on Sunday morning, he came! I was so happy. And I love our little bike pack, all biking to church. Honestly, makes me so happy.

This week I'm especially grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. We started biking to Long Tan this week, but then turned around because I just kept having a bad feeling. Even though I really wanted to go to Long Tan, I was really grateful for the Holy Ghost and his guidance and protection. I also had a scary dream about serial killers, but in my dream, I had this thought that I'd be protected because of the Holy Ghost. So cool. The gospel is real. Emily Brown just said in her email that the gospel is tangible. It's so true. You can just feel it. Especially the influence of the Holy Ghost. For me, I can especially notice when I don't have the Holy Ghost.

Our new president (Addison, he's soooo different from our old one. it's crazy!) is really emphasizing member work. I love it. He wants us to visit 5 familys every week. I really do love it, but it's kind of overwhelming, because it's all a process, so we haven't gotten very many new investigators. And I have these big lists of people I need to visit in the ward, all with addresses I can't read or find, so it's kinda overwhelming. But, I love it.

oh, man, I have to go.

There were lots of typhoon warnings this week, which meant strong winds that were almost knocking me over as I biked. scary.

loooove you alll sooooo much!!
love, natalie

allison: loved your updates! Thanks for all the facebook help! You rock. Also, seriously, I'm in no hurry for any of that. Thank you!! Thanks for talisa's address. I cannot WAIT to wear lipstick again. i miss you!
celia: ahhhh, i love your new york updates. keep sending them!!! thanks for all your emails lately! You are wonderful.
dorothy: yeah! loved hearing from you! thanks for the email!
cousin addy: wahhh, why is your life so cool? I love that you're living at the grandparentals. Keep me posted.
coryn: ahhh! can't wait for an update!!
celia: ps, so much mandarin in your ward!! soooo cool.
ariel: bestie. can't wait for the letter. love you so much! you'll be in my prayers.

Pictures: birthday and typhoon clouds