Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 27, 2012 (Zhongli-24)

Dear besties!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday was actually super rockin' - I totally lucked out for a mission birthday. On Friday night, my new convert/dear friend, Li Qiu Feng wanted to go to dinner, so we met up with her at this restaurant. Then she said she had to run out to her scooter to grab something, and then came back with Sisters Chen and Sutton and they were holding a delicious birthday cake. I was so surprised and it was so fun. So we ate dinner and birthday cake and Sister Chen made us all crack up by doing all these awkward winking faces. I loved it.

Then on Saturday, we had lunch with a member. Then Michael Mclean (forgotten carols boy), he was doing a Taiwan tour, so we met up with our investigators in Taoyuan and drove to Taipei with them to go to his concert. You guys, YOU GUYS. Michael Mclean, let me tell you! a. Kept asking for audience involvement. You guys all know how I feel about audience involvement. b. During the last song, made us all link arms with each other and then sing about how we'd all live together someday or something like that. c. Then he made us "sing it to Jesus." It was a little rough. But, also awesome because I was sitting in a big airconditioned auditorium with awesome investigators instead of contacting in the hot sun. Yeahhh. Also, saw my beloved companion Tsai Jiemei. She told me that during the song about friendship, my name was the first thing that came to her mind. And she remembered it was my birthday. What a bestie. (Oh, and one cutie investigator called me and sang happy birthday in English - so cute I almost died, and my trainer Wang Jiemei also called me to say happy birthday. Wah, everyone so nice!) Then after the concert, our investigator, Pan Jiemei (we went to the concert with her and her family), took us out to eat at this delish all-you-can-eat restaurant. And they were playing jazz. Summertime and Nature Boy. I was loving it. Faj, I'm dying to listen to jazz lately. Proud?  Then we were running suuuper late to our next appointment, so once we got back to our bikes, we booked it to Hao Yun and Zhen Wei's house. (LARS, ZHEN WEI IS DYING FOR YOU TO WRITE HIM A LETTER. HE IS SO AWESOME AND IS THE TAIWAN VERSION OF YOU. HIS ENGLISH NAME IS JOHN. JUST WRITE HIM A LITTLE NOTE AND SEND IT TO ME. YOU CAN TELL HIM ABOUT DAWSON AND SOCCER.) We talked to them about coming to church and they're so awesome and faithful. But Zhen Wei said he couldn't come and I've been worried about him because he thinks church is so boring. But when we went to pick him and his sister up on Sunday morning, he came! I was so happy. And I love our little bike pack, all biking to church. Honestly, makes me so happy.

This week I'm especially grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. We started biking to Long Tan this week, but then turned around because I just kept having a bad feeling. Even though I really wanted to go to Long Tan, I was really grateful for the Holy Ghost and his guidance and protection. I also had a scary dream about serial killers, but in my dream, I had this thought that I'd be protected because of the Holy Ghost. So cool. The gospel is real. Emily Brown just said in her email that the gospel is tangible. It's so true. You can just feel it. Especially the influence of the Holy Ghost. For me, I can especially notice when I don't have the Holy Ghost.

Our new president (Addison, he's soooo different from our old one. it's crazy!) is really emphasizing member work. I love it. He wants us to visit 5 familys every week. I really do love it, but it's kind of overwhelming, because it's all a process, so we haven't gotten very many new investigators. And I have these big lists of people I need to visit in the ward, all with addresses I can't read or find, so it's kinda overwhelming. But, I love it.

oh, man, I have to go.

There were lots of typhoon warnings this week, which meant strong winds that were almost knocking me over as I biked. scary.

loooove you alll sooooo much!!
love, natalie

allison: loved your updates! Thanks for all the facebook help! You rock. Also, seriously, I'm in no hurry for any of that. Thank you!! Thanks for talisa's address. I cannot WAIT to wear lipstick again. i miss you!
celia: ahhhh, i love your new york updates. keep sending them!!! thanks for all your emails lately! You are wonderful.
dorothy: yeah! loved hearing from you! thanks for the email!
cousin addy: wahhh, why is your life so cool? I love that you're living at the grandparentals. Keep me posted.
coryn: ahhh! can't wait for an update!!
celia: ps, so much mandarin in your ward!! soooo cool.
ariel: bestie. can't wait for the letter. love you so much! you'll be in my prayers.

Pictures: birthday and typhoon clouds

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