Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012 (Zhongli-25)

Dearest family and friends,

First of all, dear all of my best friends - why are you guys all moving so far away and doing such awesome things? Gah, killing me! Just kidding, so proud of all of you and excited for all of you. Allison, don't even worry, will still be in Provo for at least a year when I'm home and I WANT TO HANG OUT ALL THE TIME.

On Monday, for p-day, all the missionaries in the zone got together for a sport day - I am still a total gym girl (forgot those pics - I'll send them next week). At one point, the frisbee got stuck in a big tree, and we were trying to use all this stuff to get it out, and then one of the elders climbed up in the tree to get it out. And everyone was telling him to shake the tree, so as he's straddling a branch, he would start jolting up and down - it was so animalistic and awkward and funny.

Lately, we have been visiting members and people on the ward list and I have been wanting to DIE. Getting lost all the time. Seriously, you guys thought I couldn't find my way around Provo - YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN TAIWAN. I also realized that my vocabulary for directions in Chinese is severely limited - I still always get "right" and "left" mixed up. Plus, can't read Chinese. So the process of me finding an addresses usually consists of me stopping several people on the street to ask where I need to go. And everyone tells you different ways. One man drew me a new map. etc. Anyway, and I usually end up asking old people who are a little bit more difficult to understand. Example: "You said turn RIGHT??" (While moving my left arm in a wide turning motion.) Them: (confused) "Right, RIGHT!" (moving their right arm in a turning motion.) Gah. But, the other night, I felt like Nancy Drew, as we made it to a neighborhood and were sleuthing out all the ward members in that area, asking the neighbors if they met so-and-so - I was just waiting to get knocked out or twist my ankle. So that made it a little more fun. This last week, I tried to find one address THREE times, and all times couldn't find. So the elders finally took me there to find it. They're completely perplexed as to why this is so hard for me. Just like the Faj Mahal. ("Lamb, it's not that hard! It's a grid system! Can you count?!")

Then, we got a new investigator from a scooter contact - no big deal, because we always contact everyone as we're stopped at red lights. But, she had a cool story. She said that lately she's been praying that she would be able to find a religion in a more natural way. she said lately she'll go to churches in her area, but when she gets to the doorway, she just stops and she doesn't know why, but she just doesn't feel like going in. She just has a sort of weird feeling. She said the day she met me, she had again prayed, asking Heavenly Father to led her to a religion. So she was really shocked and surprised when I talked to her. Now, this is my side of the story. That day we had just gotten way lost, so we were behind schedule. We were hungry and it was time to eat. We stopped at a couple restaurants, at one we even almost got off our bikes, but then I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know - i was like, let's just keep going. Then at that light, I talked to her, even though I almost didn't because I was feeling sort of lazy, but I know I need to talk to everyone, so I did. And I'm obviously really glad I did. I think sometimes we think following the spirit is really hard, but God really guides our lives. Just like, for some reason didn't eat at those restaurants - it's not like I had a clear bad feeling or a strong prompting to keep going - I just did it without thinking anything of it. Anyway, it was a cool experience. And they really are prepared people, waiting for the gospel. My mission has given me a testimony of that.

The best thing that happened this week was that Qian Jiemei got baptized. She is a Taoyuan member's referral. She is a mom and has two kids. Her husband was able to attend the baptism. The baptism was awesome - so spiritual. A lot of talk about raising her children and eternal families. Also, earlier Qian Jiemei told me that before she kept thinking that she didn't need to get baptized and didn't think it was a big deal. But, she said even though logically it didn't seem to make sense to her, she had a strong feeling in her heart that she needed to get baptized. So cool.

Oh, also Li Qiu Feng, our recent convert is so awesome, I could die. First of all, the ward is doing this challenge thing, where you take 21 days and pray for some specific people and then at the end of 21 days, you invite them to come to church or meet with missionaries, etc. She's totally been doing it and invited 4 people to church on Sunday and 2 came! And lately she's been talking to me about how much she wants to go on a mission. She calls her little cousin every night (who was our investigator before she moved) and reads and discusses the book of mormon with her over the phone.

Also, there's a new native Elder in the office who can do uncanny impersonations of everyone. He totally got me one day - he impersonated the mission president over the phone and he sounded exactly like him. Oh, man. It's so good and so funny.

I love you all so much and so appreciate all the emails and correspondance.

Love, Sister Nad

Celia: I loved hearing about your chinatown ward. So fun.  Happy birthday this week. Important question: where are my clothes?? i don't care if they are in new york, as long as I get them back before I get home or else I'll have to keep wearing the same 4 skirts. And that makes me wanna die a lot.
Allison: loved your email! can you resend last week's email? for some reason the photos didn't work and I'm dying to see them. Also, the faj mahal found the glasses i want i think, but i need you to verify. he should email you about it.
Addison: watch singin in the rain for me with the grandparents
Grandma and grandpa: Thank you for the birthday card!! loved it!
Aunt Bonnie: sorry, i NEED to write you back. love you.
Alicia harris: i wrote you forever ago. Did you get it??
Trevor: I heard your hair is super luscious.
Faj: what's going on with politics?
Kimi: write me/love you
Ariel: i love your bangs a lot! and got your letter and package - THANK you. love you.
Tara: YOU'RE IN THE WILDERNESS. Looooved the letter.
Emily larsen: YEAH! got your postcard!! and the big letter! i'll write you to germany!!

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